SafariTrek, Outback Boutique Resorts

Three words, “upmarket” “camping” “accommodation”. We are delighted to showcase Safaritrek, Outback Boutique Resorts, a multi award winning eco ten designer this month. The Darwin based business is part of the Safaritrek International Leisure Group which has been established since 1987 and has holdings in Australia, Canada and Southern Africa.

Originally the business started as a tour and cruise boat operation, however, Outback Boutique Resorts have a focus on the design and build of eco-lodges as an alternative to standard accommodation. The lodges are specifically designed to ensure mobility yet be a semi-permanent structure that is homely. The framework of the structure is intended to handle the hot harsh deserts, or the humid wetlands and rainforests. The canvas is a combination of treated cotton and synthetic material that is constructed to be highly resistant to ultra-violet light, rot proof, waterproof and flame retardant.

Over 90% of the tent export has been NT based, with their major clients including Litchfield Safari Park, Lorella Springs Station, Lurri Tours in Gove and AAT Kings. In the last quarter, the business has introduced specifically designed and fabricated tents for the mining and tourism industry in order to cater for and supply to local industries around Australia and abroad. Their most recent project has been on the Zambezi river, Zambia in Africa, designing and building a floating camp which commenced a year ago and is due to be completed by early next year.

If you’re a Territorian, you’ll be pleased to know that these tents are:

  • Less expensive than older conventional/traditional accommodation
  • Cheaper to ship as the materials are smaller, lighter, and can be packaged more efficiently
  • Less time to set up and pack down
  • Can be stored during the wet season / off-season

We live for adventure and the great outdoors, and the Northern Territory is home to many spectacular sights. The Darwin branch is currently offering a promotion of a 3x8m tent with 2 doors and 6 windows for $3,000 including GST. Get in touch with Dave for your next Glamping experience: or