Major Projects Supplier Program

The Major Project Supplier Program (MPSP) assesses a company against the profile of an ideal major project supplier and provides a Major Project Supplier Plan for the company comprising of:

  • an assessment of the company's maturity in terms of the profile
  • a gap analysis identifying opportunities for improvement
  • an action plan targeting these opportunities.

The profile of an ideal supplier has been developed from surveys of major project proponents, from experience in working with the projects, and from seminars and workshops conducted with project proponents and potential suppliers.

The assessment is facilitated by an experienced business consultant who works with your company's key decision makers to ensure that the profile is fully understood and that all of its aspects are fully explored. The assessment gives the company a broad understanding of its current position against major project requirements and outlines important areas to address in responding to tenders and improving the business.

Following the assessment, the consultant then facilitates discussion of the assessment results with the team. Aided by graphs and tables analysing the interdependencies between different aspects of the results, the team develops a gap analysis identifying opportunities for improvement and a step-by-step action plan with prioritised actions and allocated resources.