Tariff Duty Concessions


Tarrif Concessions

If you are seeking general tariff classification information or are a private individual wishing to import goods on a one-off basis, please contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) at www.border.gov.au.
ICN is recognised as a ‘prescribed organisation’ under the Customs Regulations 2015, which means it can determine whether ‘substitutable goods’ or 'potentially substitutable goods' subject to a tariff concession are manufactured in Australia.
When making applications to Customs, ICN can provide industry research on a fee-for-service basis to determine if there are any Australian businesses that manufacture or can manufacture goods to meet the definitions of substitutable goods under the Customs Act. For example: 
Tariff Concession Order (TCO) – refer Customs TCO Application Form B443 (Question 6A);
Certain Inputs to Manufacture (CIM)
Australian Customs Notice No 2003/67 - Oil & Natural Gas Concession 
Australian Customs Notice – 1998/22 – Project By-Law Scheme 
If you would like to engage ICN to undertake industry research, please complete our research request form HERE
Return the completed research request form to ICN via email: info@icnvic.org.au.  
A quotation for research will then be provided.
If you require further information please contact ICN Victoria on 03 9864 6700 or email info@icnvic.org.au

Enhanced Project By-Law Scheme (EPBS)

NOTE: This is not a DIBP scheme.  The program and scheme administered by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science via the Department's agency, AusIndustry.
A summary of the Enhanced Project By-Law Scheme (EPBS) can be found here and here.   
ICN can verify if ‘equivalent goods’, subject to an Enhanced Project By-Law scheme (EPBS) application, are manufactured in Australia.
Applicants applying for duty concession for projects that exceed $10M for each significant phase must demonstrate that the capital equipment to be imported is not produced in Australia. This can be demonstrated by providing a Tariff Concession Order for the equipment, or a statement from ICN stating that it is not aware of an Australian manufacturer producing, or capable of producing, the equipment required for the applicant’s project.
Should you require assistance with Enhanced Project By-Law research please contact ICN.

For further information on EPBS, please contact Lynn Johnson on 03 9864 6743.