Nolans Phosphate Extraction Circuit Piloting Complete

12 April 2017

Nolans Phosphate Extraction Circuit Piloting Complete

Arafura Resources Limited (ASX: ARU, “Arafura” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the successful completion of phosphate extraction flowsheet piloting for its 100 per cent-owned Nolans Neodymium/Praseodymium (“NdPr”) Project in the Northern Territory.

The phosphate extraction pilot plant is the second stage of Arafura’s final piloting of the Nolans process flow sheet (ASX: ARU 10/03/17 and Figure 1). It follows from the successful operation of the (Phase 1) beneficiation pilot plant (ASX: ARU 06/02/17) which delivered a
clean high-phosphate concentrate (“HPC”) that features enhanced recoveries of phosphate (>90%) and the key magnet-feed rare earths NdPr (>82%), and efficient rejection of iron and aluminium impurities.

The phosphate extraction piloting operation was conducted over a 10-day period during March at SGS Australia’s facilities in Perth. This period of operation included commissioning and operation under two different process conditions to evaluate their impact on performance across the circuit.

Arafura personnel managed the program with independent advice from phosphoric acid expert Prayon Technologies. Outcomes from the pilot plant, including materials handling and equipment performance data, will be used for detailed design, final feasibility and investment decision.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - 16:15
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