Territorians to help develop a new Aboriginal Contracting Framework

19 March 2018

Territorians to help develop a new Aboriginal Contracting Framework

Territorians are encouraged to put forward their thoughts and ideas to help develop a new Aboriginal Contracting Framework for government procurements and grants.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Sibylle Brautigam says the new Framework will be developed through an extensive stakeholder engagement process, which kicks-off today, and will replace the Indigenous Employment Provisional Sum policy which ceased in August 2017.

"Next month we"ll begin targeted stakeholder sessions with government, industry, business, Aboriginal stakeholders and NGO's to identify and consider the best ideas for the Aboriginal Contracting Framework," Ms Brautigam said.

"We're committed to keeping the community, industry and stakeholders informed, listening to ideas, and providing feedback on how the input received has influenced decisions."

" 'Have Your Say' website has been published today and will be updated regularly as the consultation process progresses."

"The first step is information gathering and research, which includes a survey that is open to the public through the website, and the collation of feedback and insights from a range of stakeholders."

"This first step is critical.  We understand that the development of an effective framework can only be achieved through stakeholder involvement, and by incorporating a range of expertise and ideas," Ms Brautigam said.

"The second step will be the creation of policy options based on the initial research and feedback. We will test these policy options with stakeholders to determine which are most likely to be effective."

"Then, we will publically release a consultation report and the proposed policy direction for comment. This will outline what we've heard and the proposed approach to the policy."

The new policy will be publicly release in early 2019.  

Locally based GHD has been selected to work with the government project team to help facilitate stakeholder engagement.

GHD have been operating in the Northern Territory for over 60 years and have nominated a local team for the project including specialists in stakeholder engagement, procurement, government policy and economic development.

The public can have their say via www.ACF.nt.gov.au.  

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Monday, March 19, 2018 - 15:00
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