This year, the Industry Capability Network proudly marks its 40th anniversary. Since its inception in 1984 as the Industrial Supplies Office (ISO) in Victoria, ICN has been a cornerstone in promoting fair competition and championing the growth of local industries across Australia and New Zealand.

ICN has continuously connected government, industry, and businesses, fostering partnerships that strengthen procurement and supply chain capabilities. Despite numerous challenges over the years, including funding constraints and policy changes, ICN has thrived, facilitating contracts worth over $50 billion for local suppliers and creating thousands of jobs.

Join us in celebrating this milestone as we honour ICN’s legacy and look forward to an even brighter future. Together, we will continue to drive industry insights, foster business growth, and enhance global collaboration. Let’s make the next 40 years of industry collaboration and success even more remarkable!


To celebrate, we have planned some exciting major activities that highlight ICN’s significant contributions to the economy and local businesses. These activities demonstrate our unwavering commitment to supporting and shaping the industry’s future…


Industry Capability Network is thrilled to announce the relaunch of the new Gateway by ICN platform, coinciding with our 40th-anniversary celebrations. Experience enhanced features, seamless navigation, and unparalleled opportunities to grow your business. This revamped platform commemorates 40 years of fostering collaboration, driving industry growth, and connecting businesses to new opportunities.

22 April 2024
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In a world of rapid technological advancements and digital transformation, the ICT landscape undergoes continuous evolution, presenting opportunities and challenges across industries. As we commemorate ICN’s 40-year journey of fostering industry growth and innovation, we proudly present this online summit dedicated to exploring the ever-changing potential of ICT and its pivotal role in shaping the future of industries.


ICN is celebrating its 40th-anniversary event at Parliament House, highlighting its substantial contributions to the economy, suppliers, government, and project owners over the past four decades. This milestone event aims to showcase the valuable relationships ICN has fostered since its inception and strengthen the enduring partnerships that will propel ICN into the next 40 years. The celebration is not just a reflection of ICN’s rich history but a promise of its commitment to shaping the industry’s future by supporting local businesses.

In Person
14 August 2024
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Celebrating 40 years of Industry leadership

Since its inception in 1984 as the Industrial Supplies Office (ISO), the Industry Capability Network has been at the forefront of promoting fair competition and fostering local industry growth in Australia and New Zealand. Founded on the principles of the British Government’s Offshore Supplies Office, ICN was created to ensure full and fair opportunities for all companies to access public and private projects.

Starting in Victoria, ISO quickly expanded across all States and Territories by the late 1980s and into New Zealand under the Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement. Recognising the value of coordinated efforts, the Commonwealth Government established the National Office (ISO Net) in 1995 to maximise Australian participation in Commonwealth procurement.

In 2003, ISO rebranded to ICN, aligning with its evolving role and shedding associations with international technical standards. Over the past 40 years, ICN has faced numerous challenges, including funding constraints and policy changes. Despite these hurdles, ICN has thrived, facilitating contracts worth over $50 billion for local suppliers and creating thousands of jobs.

This success is a testament to the dedicated and skilled personnel who have made ICN synonymous with facilitating local business opportunities. As we celebrate our 40th anniversary, we honour our rich history and look forward to continuing our mission of driving industry insights, fostering business growth, and strengthening global collaboration for decades to come.


Discover the impact of the Industry Capability Network over the past 40 years. Click through to read case studies on how ICN has fostered collaboration, driven innovation, and empowered local businesses across Australia and New Zealand. Join us in celebrating our rich legacy and exciting future. Read our case studies and latest news stories below!

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