Local businesses rebuilding Christchurch

 ICN’s largest project in New Zealand is the Christchurch rebuild, with the restoration work expected to be worth around NZ$40 billion.

ICN is working alongside the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) and the Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team (SCIRT), the entity formed by CERA to manage the rebuild of the city’s damaged road, freshwater, waste water and storm water networks.

One of ICN’s success stories in Christchurch has been working alongside TTT Products Ltd, manufacturers of a revolutionary cored/hollowed pole piling system using treated Radiata pine and referred to as MultiPoles.

Wood has a high strength-to-weight ratio, is flexible, and has many advantages as an earthquake resistant construction material. Radiata pine is New Zealand’s most sustainable resource and is readily available. TTT Products source their wood from FSC certified sustainable forests.

ICN came across the MultiPole piling system in late 2012 at a wood products convention in Blenheim, New Zealand. ICN helped promote TTT Products’ MultiPole systems through design houses and engineering consultants, helping generate remarkable growth for this product.

‘The ICN team immediately saw it as a cure for a frustrating problem when piling is required close to residential areas and the vibration from normal piling can be disruptive’ said Mary-Anne Webber, Manager, ICN New Zealand. ‘The team helped initiate engagement with local architects, consultant engineers and designers which had immediate results.’

This response has led to the current situation where the product is being specified in many applications in the Christchurch earthquake reconstruction. This is due to MultiPoles being faster to install, less disruptive and a viable alternative to more expensive imported steel piling and locally produced concrete options.

‘The pounding of steel and concrete piles can sometimes be felt many blocks away, making Christchurch residents’ already frayed nerves far worse’ said Steve Lyons, TTT Products’ person on the ground. ‘Using our MultiPole wood piling systems is less disruptive to the people of Christchurch’.

TTT Products is now supplying piling for residential and commercial foundations. They also specialise in small and large scale ground densification projects and have been in constant talks with SCIRT regarding wooden retaining walls.

‘Without the help of ICN, many opportunities with the Christchurch rebuild would not have been brought to our attention’ said Steve. ‘ICN was integral in showcasing our product to the right people, which has seen our sales rapidly grow’.

In fact, TTT Products had no previous sales in Christchurch and in October 2012 had substantial monthly volumes. TTT Products piling systems are extremely cost effective, therefore helping ease the pressure on rebuild costs.

All ICN offices across Australia and New Zealand are working closely together on the project with the majority of tenders opening in 2014. To find out how your company could be involved in the Christchurch rebuild, visit icngateway.com.au.

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