Housing the South Pacific

Ecohousing is an easy-to-build, cyclone-proof home that is energy-efficient in any climate. ICN found a market for it in New Caledonia, and it’s just right for the South Pacific.

The resources boom is not confined to Australia. Many of our South Pacific neighbours are also doing well. And just like Australia, they need housing.

Special forms of housing: ones that can be imported in modules and built quickly and easily in isolated areas with relatively unskilled labour.

Plus it needs to be cyclone proof, eco-efficient and ‘priced competitively’.

That was the challenge of one of ICN’s long-term agents, EAP Traders, based in New Caledonia and charged with finding new opportunities for Australian companies there.

ICN specialises in knowing about innovative Australian enterprises that can fill practically any need. This brief was no exception.

Ecohousing had just the product: flexible, light weight, strong, easy-to assemble insulated homes that were as ideal for export as they were cost-competitive.

ICN’s Chris Martin knew them well: 'We knew Ecohousing from several projects in Australia. When the project in New Caledonia came up, we were able to nominate them, confident they would be highly suitable for the project.'

Being ‘nominated’ by ICN doesn’t mean just having your name put forward, with a pat on the back for good luck.

“The first step Ecohousing made was to sign up to ICN Gateway”, says Chris. 'Without a company profile on Gateway we would not have been able to match these two businesses together.'

Its typically thorough ‘business matching’ meant introducing Ecohousing and EAP Traders personally and guiding Ecohousing through the needed capability statements.

Ecohousing’s Managing Director, Tonny Berguist, highly values ICN’s work. 'It is not easy getting into the export market. Without ICN’s assistance in putting us forward, and for EAP Traders’ local contacts, we would never have had the success we’ve had in New Caledonia.'

Government representatives from Papua New Guinea were also impressed with Ecohousing’s work in New Caledonia and have engaged Ecohousing to build public housing and government offices in PNG.

Through ICN Gateway and ICN’s unique network of international agents, another innovative Australian SME has succeeded in new markets.

Ecohousing’s strong and scalable product has a bright future meeting the surprisingly large yet stringent housing demands of the South Pacific.

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