Strategies for winning contracts yield results for NOJA

The Major Project Supplier Program (MPSP) helps Queensland suppliers build capability to increase both competitiveness and better position the company to win major project contracts.
The Queensland Government sponsored MPSP initiative has helped Queensland company NOJA Power Switchgear Pty Ltd (NOJA Power) to successfully tender for major projects in Queensland.

Company at a glance

NOJA Power is a medium-sized, but fast growing company specialising in the provision of electrical equipment broadly of two product groups – mains distribution circuit breakers known as medium voltage reclosers and low voltage electrical control cabinets.
The recloser business, which was the initial product NOJA Power made when they commenced business in 2002, is a global market and the majority is exported. The low voltage control cabinets market was entered to offset the currency risk associated with the export bias of the recloser business, but this area is usually won by tender and is a highly competitive market segment.
NOJA Power commenced operations in Brisbane eight years ago and has grown by doubling its sales in each year since. A recent highlight was the winning of the Queensland and then Australian (Prime Minister’s) Export Award in 2009. NOJA power also won the 2012 Premier of Queensland’s Export Award in the “Large Advanced Manufacturer Award” category and then won the overall Exporter of the Year Award after being selected the best company from the twelve category winners.
NOJA Power moved to their new and modern premises in 2009 which has given a good opportunity to set up effective assembly and test lines on Lean and ergonomic principles, working with QMI Solutions’ Productivity and Improvement division (QMI P&I) in the initial stages.

The opportunities and benefits – strategies for winning contracts

The MPSP assessment has shown that NOJA Power performs at a high level, with a supported innovation culture and demonstrated level of professionalism within the company.
NOJA Power’s objectives in engaging in the MPSP program are to find out how to position themselves better to win a greater share of the project work in Queensland primarily relating to the control cabinet segment of the business.
Ideally NOJA Power would like to be considered amongst the top 2-3 players rather than be competing against 9-10 others of varying size and capability
Undertaking the MPSP allowed the company to measure its capabilities, put in place strategies for winning contracts and see where it needs to improve in an effort to win more tenders for upcoming programs.
“The MPSP report identified for us the two key areas we needed to improve,” NOJA Power’s Sales Director Tony Stacey said.
The Action Plan, a document generated at the conclusion of the MPSP, identified that Noja Power needed to implement a Risk Management process, enabling the company to formalise any risk and allow the business to be seen from a risk perspective.
The second action identified for NOJA Power was their current lack of timeliness and the need for them to introduce ways to measure time and delivery.
“We can now work towards meeting 100% of the core requirements in order to be a Major Project Supplier,” Stacey said.

The outcome

Since having undertaken the MPSP, Noja Power has completed 100% of the actions outlined in their MPSP Plan, and found that the business and processes have improved from having implemented these changes.
Noja Power has also been very successful in tendering for work, and credits having undertaken the MPSP for this success.
Twelve months after completing the MPSP, Noja Power can report that they have successfully won $3M-$4M worth of work on the Brisbane Airport Link and Northern Busway Projects.
“The program, we feel, has helped us steer in the right direction so as we can source work as a major project supplier,” Stacey said.

Major Project Supplier Program

ICN, in partnership with the Queensland Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning developed the MPSP to boost Queensland industry’s success in supplying to major projects throughout Australia, including the State’s record $17.1 billion capital building program. The MPSP program is fully subsidised and provides eligible Queensland companies with a comprehensive analysis of its current position against the unique requirements of major projects.
An MPSP takes approximately one and a half days days for the assessment and the facilitator generates a report which comprises:

  •  A capability assessment of the business against the requirements of major projects
  •  A review and discussion of the results of the assessment with company decision makers
  •  Identification of key areas for improvement and a prioritised action plan.