Bendigo’s SSR builds trains and jobs, whilst keeping it local
Southern Shorthaul Rail (SSR) is making history, and ICN Victoria is proud to be a part of it.
The company is currently building the first diesel electric locomotive ever to be built in Bendigo and the first locomotive to be made outside a capital city in AUstralia since in the 1950s.
Although this type of locomotive is not new, SSR are making a number of modifications by their own designers to “Prototype No. 1” including: increasing the fuel tank pumping 600 litres of fuel per hour, a screen based control system, safety elements such as a widened nose that will be the width of the locomotive, 16-cylinder engines and a 3000 horsepower capacity.
Weighing in at approximately 21 tonnes on completion, Allan Nicholson, Bendigo Workshop Manager said: “This is a very exciting time for us and for the rail industry in Victoria. Not only are we able to increase employment in the area, but many other companies that we are working with on this new train are able to benefit the local economy as well.”
SSR know ICN well, with Regional Manager Noel Morton working with them over the last three years assisting in general supplier enquiries, creating various leads and helping them to gain access to new projects that are emerging. This has ensured that they are kept abreast of new opportunities within the industry. Over the years they have been involved in a number of major ICN network events and International Rail Trade Missions.
At the same time Noel has assisted SSR in their ongoing commitment to increase their Bendigo Regional manufacturing content. Bendigo has a very proud rail construction industry. According to SSR’s now retired Vin Nally “We are doing this to keep the job local. One of our goals was to create more rail jobs back in Bendigo.” The site now boasts 60 workers and is growing with another 5 employees to commence next month.
Mr Nicholson expects to start testing of this ground-breaking locomotive by the end of June and it will be trucked to NSW when completed in July.