C4i secures contract for the APLNG project

Communications technology provider C4i, has recently been awarded a contract to supply its advanced communications system for the APLNG project in Queensland.

The project involves the delivery of C4i’s world leading end-to-end Switch plusIP®

VoIP technology to connect operators in the Brisbane central control room to plant personnel located at coal seam gas extraction sites in Queensland’s Bowen, Surat Basins and at strategic sites along the 522 kilometre pipeline.

This project involves the delivery of natural gas to the LNG Facility on Curtis Island near Gladstone which requires reliable means of communication across a number of distributed sites.

For over 20 years, C4i have been specialising in delivering leading edge communication solutions for the defence force, government and industries operating in high availability environments.

These state-of-the-art solutions provide essential interoperability between typically stove-piped communications technology, which greatly improves safety and operational efficiency.

ICN have dedicated National Sector Managers who actively promote competitive local suppliers to major projects and work with the Australian Government’s Supplier Advocates and ICN consultants to help develop the national oil and gas sector.

The National Sector Managers play an active role in the industry as a whole and Colby Houser, National Sector Manager for Oil & Gas has been working with C4i over the past year to help them transition from the defence industry to the resources sector.

“ICN has assisted C4i to establish themselves in the resources sector. With the support of George Gasparotto, ICN Victoria’s Oil & Gas Business Capability Adviser, C4i have attended various industry briefings including the APLNG project briefing in Melbourne. Connecting capability with business opportunity is what ICN is about and we are proud to have been able to assist C4i be awarded the communications contract for the APLNG project”, he said.

For more information about ICN’s Resources Program including industry briefings and trade missions visit www.icnvic.org.au/resources