ICN supports SME diversification into other industry sectors

Niche Melbourne based company, Coating & Industrial Technologies (CIT), is a creator of unique, speciality coatings with a range of leading edge coatings systems covering applications in Automotive, Building & Construction, road infrastructure and Health, just to name a few. Approaching these markets was proving to be a challenge for CIT who didn’t have sufficient resources.

Help was on hand when CIT turned to ICN’s South East Metro Manager, James Ewenson, based at Dandenong, back in late 2010 to initially help them look at potential opportunity on a major road project being undertaken in Melbourne’s South. CIT had a specialty Anti Graffiti Coating System which they felt had great potential for application on Acrylic Sheet Noise Walls being proposed for a major road construction project.

Andy Balmain, ICN's plastics, composites and coatings specialist was invited by James to talk to CIT. Unfortunately, due to project timing, the anti graffiti coating onto noise walls proposal could not be approved in time, but Andy has continued to work closely with CIT on other opportunities.

“Andy’s encouragement and real understanding of our business has been invaluable. ICN provides ideas and the right connections for us to talk to and evolve our market opportunities that we would have struggled doing by ourselves”, says Eric Schell – Marketing Director for CIT.

CIT has continued with further success of their Automotive coating systems, both domestically and into North America, which has been greatly assisted by the Team Australia Automotive program which CIT had been encouraged to participate on both, by Victorian Government’s Department of Business and Innovation and ICN Victoria.

Further activities in new materials and applications have evolved with the work done by CIT of late which has included a range of specialty anti microbial coatings with huge potential applications in the health and hospital sector. ICN is playing a key role in assisting CIT in these exiting new markets, particularly with some significant hospital builds underway in Victoria, across the country and into Asia with this exciting technology.

CIT’s efforts are paying off and are now being acknowledged for the excellent work they produce. In May they won the award for Manufacturer of the Year, in the Small Business category, at the 2012 Victoria Government’s Manufacturing Awards.

ICN will continue to work closely with CIT to ensure the commercial rewards of their hard work and effort follow.