Little Creatures come to Geelong
Originating in Fremantle, Western Australia, the award winning Little Creatures Brewery was born out of a love affair of hoppy beers by an ‘eclectic group of dedicated minds’, to make a unique range of ales to tempt the taste buds of Australian drinkers. 
Little Creatures has since opened a popular watering hole in Melbourne, the Little Creatures Dining Hall, and currently is in the process of setting up a new brewing facility in Geelong – investing a total of $60M. 
As part of the project, Little Creatures wanted to ensure local businesses were able to participate where possible. In support of this aim, ICN’s Regional Manager, Peter McCracken, and the ICN team provided assistance in connecting Little Creatures with local Australian suppliers to supply a significant portion of the process equipment and services required. 
Through ICN’s extensive Gateway database, Mr McCracken was able to introduce Little Creatures to a number of suitable suppliers such as Ovivo Water Australia Pty Ltd who are supplying the Phase 1 waste water treatment facility. Other Australian companies participating in the project include Shepparton based company J Furphy & Sons Pty Ltd who are manufacturing over 30 tanks and vessels for the brewery. 
Alex Troncoso, Head of Brewing Development said, “the ICN Barwon South Coast office provided an effective means for us to make contact with local industry and build a network of contacts, as well as helped us to feel a part of the local community. The assistance offered by ICN and its Gateway project offered Little Creatures a professional and practical method to engage with local industry offering them opportunity to demonstrate capabilities”. 
Little Creatures plans to complete construction of its latest edition early 2013 and open to the public a little later in the year. Initially there will be approximately 20 full-time employees at the brewery, with additional local resources used for support areas such as logistics and repairs and maintenance
of the site.