New Zealand doors open for Victorian companies
Industry Capability Network (ICN) Victoria has been introducing Australian and New Zealand capabilities for construction needs as part of the rebuild in Christchurch, New Zealand. As part of this ongoing work at least six Victorian companies are in discussions around major health project work associated with the Christchurch rebuild.
Executive Director Allied Health with West Coast District Health Board and Canterbury District Health Board Stella Ward holds the Executive Portfolio of Innovation and Commercialisation and the Health Precinct met with numerous supplier companies and Victorian health sector executives during a recent visit organised by ICN. The meetings program was also supported by the State Government's Global Health Melbourne team.
ICN has been heavily engaged with the Christchurch rebuild program at several levels, in particular where specific and rapid assistance is needed.
ICN Business Capability Adviser Andy Balmain has been focusing on the Christchurch rebuild by identifying where Victorian companies can provide services.
Andy said the rebuild of health facilities is a top priority for the New Zealand city that was devastated by earthquake in 2011.
"The whole rebuild is such a big task that while New Zealand wants to do as much as possible internally, there is a need for assistance and there lies an opportunity for Victorian companies with leading edge capabilities in the health space," he said.
"The purpose of Stella's visit was to put her in touch with companies that have relevant skills needed in the health space. It is with great delight that the trip provided her with successful outcomes."
Australian suppliers of construction products and services, furniture and medical devices had the opportunity to present their capability and experience in health projects to Stella.
Supported by the State Government's Global Health Melbourne team the meetings program was another important part of the trip to Melbourne. It was an opportunity for Stella to discuss the design and operation of the Royal Children's Hospital expansion project and learn from Victoria's experience with the project.
The task in Christchurch includes key activities relating to the Burwood and Christchurch Acute Services Building, rebuild of health research and education facilities and a large building program within primary care.
Particular assistance is required with redeveloping the Canterbury Health Precinct, including health related construction, furniture fittings and equipment, digital technologies and medical technology.
Stella believes it is essential in health leadership to have a 'global view' and is always keen to have the opportunity to meet with and share learning with health and related industry leaders from across the world.
"My trip to Victoria has been one such opportunity," she said.
"It was an interesting few days and served as a great platform to network with key stakeholders in the health space, highlighting the breadth of innovative solutions available.
"I am still processing the various opportunities that were presented and have already started discussions with six Victorian companies to better understand their capabilities.
"The knowledge and connections provided by ICN Victoria and the State Government of Victoria were incredibly useful."
Stella'a visit was supported by the Department of Premier and Cabinet's 80 Days of Melbourne program, which enabled meetings with a wide range of people in Melbourne as part of the activities.