Pumping a Sterling effort into Resources

Many years of product development of API vertical seawater pumps is paying off for

Melbourne pump manufacturer Sterling Pumps.

Sterling has concentrated its engineering and manufacturing efforts perfecting designs for submersible pumps and motors fabricated in super corrosion resistant materials such as Super Duplex. There are very few companies globally with the expertise to manufacture these specialist products in these challenging materials.

With investment building the right team of engineers and in specialised equipment

Sterling’s pumps are now being installed in many major oil and gas projects.
With the help of ICN, Sterling’s pumps were recently selected for the Chevron Australia ‘Wheatstone’ project in Western Australia for seawater and hydrocarbon lift service, and fire water service for the off shore operations.

Through the assistance of ICN, Sterling is proud to have been selected as the supplier to the Chevron Australia ‘Gorgon’ project in Western Australia for the main seawater supply  pumps for the project.

In addition to this project, Sterling supplied the main submersible seawater fire pumps and the seawater lift pumps to Origin Energy’s Yolla platform, in Bass Strait last year.

These three projects show that Australian manufacturers have the technology and capability to produce product to the highest standards required by the oil and gas industry within Australia and globally.

Colby Houser, ICN’s National Sector Manager said, “It is a very exciting time in the resource industry at the moment, and it is great that we have been able to help another Australian company (Sterling Pumps) participate in the resources boom.”

Sterling is continuing to invest and expand its manufacturing and engineering capabilities with the construction of a new purpose built manufacturing and testing facility that is due for completion later this year.