29 October 2013

ICN Victoria and VIPP working together to support local industry engagement, skills and development

Helping local companies to improve and succeed in the turbulent world of construction development is important to project management...

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14 October 2013

Major road driving business to local suppliers

The $842 million South Road Superway is the biggest single investment by the South Australian (SA) Government in a road project and the...

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25 September 2013

USA opportunities flowing to Australian business

Australia is the driest inhabited continent in the world and with this climate, the Australian water industry has developed many...

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19 September 2013

Local businesses rebuilding Christchurch

 ICN’s largest project in New Zealand is the Christchurch rebuild, with the restoration work expected to be worth around NZ$40 billion....

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19 September 2013

Expanding health in the Far North

The $454.6 million redevelopment of the Cairns Hospital will expand the range and capacity of facilities to improve delivery of health...

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2 August 2013

Building good health across Australia and around the region

Australia has a strong healthcare sector, which can offer innovative solutions in architecture, hospital management, engineering, and the...

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5 July 2013

Work flows to water supplier in the resources sector

The resources sector is providing many opportunities for Australian companies, many of which are outside the scope of actual resource...

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2 July 2013

ICN's Meet the Buyer brings together local steel supplier and national developer to Dandenong

ICN is committed to continuously offering new business sources for local SMEs on projects in Victoria, and the $62M Dandenong Municipal...

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28 June 2013

Reinforcing capability through ICN Gateway

Queensland Health committed $108 million to upgrade and expand the Logan Hospital. This project will see a new multi-storey building...

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5 June 2013

Ichthys brings growth to local Aussie company

The Ichthys project is a world-class LNG project to develop the gas and condensate field discovered in the Browse Basin, approximately 220...

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