22 February 2012

Housing the South Pacific

Ecohousing is an easy-to-build, cyclone-proof home that is energy-efficient in any climate. ICN found a market for it in New Caledonia,...

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21 February 2012

ICN passes the Gorgon test

The Chevron-operated Gorgon project is Australia’s largest single resource project. Over $20 billion in construction contracts are to be...

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15 November 2011

ICN helps specialist glass company gain entry into the rail industry

Facilitated by the Industry Capability Network (ICN), Glasshape Limited recently won a contract to supply specially designed and built...

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6 September 2011

ICN helps local businesses get involved in $1.33 billion oil and gas project

The Kupe Gas Project is one of the largest oil and gas projects ever to be built in New Zealand. The gas produced from the Kupe field...

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21 June 2011

EHS Manufacturing wins contract work due to MPSP

EHS Manufacturing wins contract work due to MPSP, which helps Queensland suppliers build capability to increase both competitiveness and...

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14 June 2011

Win more work says PPW Steel

PPW’s MPSP Action Plan defined for the company that there was a need to improve in the areas of supply chain, marketing, employee...

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10 March 2011

Camel Tanks improves capability winning project work

Camel Tanks improves its capability at winning project work. It is better connected to major projects through a higher awareness of...

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13 September 2010

Positive signs of success for Corada

Signs are vital for branding, delivering information, and helping people to find their way - but are too often an after-thought in a big...

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19 August 2009

Local metal castings company scores Australian contract through ICN

The advantages of ICN being an Australasian business network were clearly demonstrated when a huge New South Wales rail project required...

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11 March 2008

NZ company sparks up growth plans through ICN

When Whangarei-based electrical and instrumentation engineering and contracting business McKay in 2003 embarked on a high growth path it...

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