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Established in 2018 as a Northern Territory-based generalist recruitment company specialising in Indigenous employment, TRACKS Integrated Services is quickly becoming an agency of choice for businesses looking to hire the best candidates in response to their workforce needs.

“Earlier this year we changed our name to TRACKS Integrated Services, but our passion remains the same to help businesses capitalise on the enormous opportunities Indigenous and other local employees can bring to their workplace”, says Nicole Thompson, Managing Director for TRACKS.

TRACKS stands for Training and Recruitment giving Aspiring Careers a Kick Start. As a Mak Mak Marranungu Aboriginal woman from the traditional lands south of Darwin, Nicole understands the complexities behind the causes and impacts of poverty, particularly for First Nations peoples. According to Nicole, education, employment and economic success are key to closing the gap and improving the life circumstances of our First Nations peoples.

As an Aboriginal-owned and managed company, TRACKS strives to provide the highest standard of services to its clients, from the initial planning and sourcing of job candidates to building future talent pipelines that can drive business success.

“TRACKS has access to over 80,000 potential job candidates who are registered with us and are actively looking for work”, says Nicole. “Our talent management, recruitment and retention services are able to accommodate candidates at all stages of their employment, from those entering the workforce for the first time to people who are established in their job and looking for a career change to experience new opportunities and deepen their workplace skills”.

Nicole is very pleased with TRACKS’ performance so far, having successfully managed labour-hire contracts with some of the Northern Territory’s major employers from the manufacturing, civil construction and defence industries. “We have also been successful in working with employers to help fill permanent jobs and to support a number of our candidates to move from short-term labour hire contracts into ongoing work”, says Nicole.

According to Nicole, just under 40% of TRACKS’ job candidates placed in employment have been Indigenous, of which 64% were female. The TRACKS team has the skills and capabilities to recruit quality candidates into multiple roles, from blue-collar and university graduate jobs to clerical, administrative and managerial positions.

TRACKS is proud to announce the completion of its first-ever Reconciliation Action Plan. “We see this plan as offering TRACKS an enormous opportunity to strengthen our engagement and work with First Nations peoples, communities and organisations”, says Nicole. “We will use this plan to draw on the learnings from these engagements to reconfigure our services and products, so that we take full advantage of the unique skills, capabilities and life experiences First Nations peoples bring to the workplace”.

Nicole is excited about the year ahead for TRACKS, as it strives to continue to collaborate with like-minded businesses and communities. “There are many bottom-line benefits for business from hiring capable First Nations peoples and other local employees”, says Nicole. “We are best placed than ever to partner with our business clients to drive success through hiring talented, skilled and engaged workers”.

For more information about TRACKS, go to the company website.

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