ICN makes it easier for you to do business in Australia and New Zealand. We are the pivotal connection between major projects and the best suppliers in the region. For more than 30 years, we have worked with local suppliers and project managers to take cost and effort out of the procurement process.

And with powerful tools like ICN Gateway, an online system containing more than 80,000 suppliers, we can open up new opportunities for Australian and New Zealand suppliers within major projects, both here and overseas.

We can help you with:

  • local and Australian industry policy and participation compliance

  • supply chain development

  • identification of joint ventures, partnerships and technology transfers

  • research for tariff concession and Enhanced Project By-law Scheme (EPBS) applications

  • the creation of tender specifications.

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Sourcing locally makes good business sense


Buying local goods and services can significantly reduce time and costs associated with the whole life of a project. With our expert team of consultants working in every state and territory we are well positioned to provide you with up-to-date advice on the supply capabilities of Australian and New Zealand industry.

Experience has shown that Australian suppliers are often world competitive in terms of quality, reliability of supply, and price.

Sourcing local can help you:

  • improve lead-time and availability

  • gain quick and easy access to service and technical support

  • guarantee supply in a crisis

  • lower stock holdings

  • reduce import administration and duty costs.


Open up opportunities with ICN Gateway


This powerful online tool contains  billion worth of projects and around 80,000 suppliers. It is a simple and easy way to engage with and maximise Australian content, whilst at the same time, implement second and third tier supply opportunities.

ICN Gateway can be used as the primary location for communicating upcoming procurement and contracting opportunities by creating your own tailored project page. Suppliers are able to browse and register their interest in new business opportunities, all in one location.

We can either manage the project page exclusively, or train procurement personnel within the project to manage it themselves.

ICN Gateway helps you to:

  • promote procurement and contracting opportunities – through a tailored project site that allows local suppliers and sub-contractors to register their interest

  • clearly define the scope of the project – by separating work packages into categories and attaching a scope of works so suppliers and contractors can easily assess their suitability in the package

  • Manage the supplier registration process by viewing expressions of interest in particular packages in real time

  • Maximum exposure of the project - with automatic notifications sent to all registered companies once a new package is listed.

ICN Gateway is currently used to manage billions of dollars worth of projects including:

  • Future Submarines

  • West Gate Tunnel Project

  • The Crux Project

  • Osborne Naval Shipbuilding Precinct

  • BHP Brownfield Expansion

  • Chevron Operations

For help finding the best local suppliers, talk to us today about cost-effective, innovative ways to run your next project.