Engineering and Fabricating since 2008… Let’s begin with a good news story.

Wilkinson Engineering has recently received recognition from the Northern Territory Government for their ongoing support regarding structured work placements for secondary students completing their Vocational Education Training (VET). Australia's VET sector, enables students to gain qualifications for all types of employment, and specific skills to help them in the workplace. Wilkinson’s have continuously supported this initiative by offering apprenticeships and training to assist in developing quality tradesmen to have a working future in their company and the industry abroad.

Our Showcase Company this month, Wilkinson Engineering Pty Ltd is a proud Territory owned and operated engineering workshop, located in Pinelands, on the outskirts of Darwin. Their facility comprises of a large machine shop, a boiler making shop, 1.5 acres of laydown area and Austalloy (Wilkinson’s sister company) which is currently stocking the largest range of engineering bar stock in the NT. There is no job too big, too small or too complex, plus their fully equipped mobile units can perform welding at virtually any location, with all works delivered by skilled and experienced trades and craftsmen.

Their most recent contract has been with BOC Gas & Gear, undertaking the cryogenic helium liquification facility ongoing maintenance, preventative maintenance, scheduled maintenance and 24-hour breakdown services across Darwin.

The company have introduced several new machines to the business, with the newest being the arc metal spray unit allowing the ability to apply ferrous and non-ferrous material to a wide range of parent materials. This process is utilised mainly to reclaim components that have been worn or are out of specification, for example; a hardened transmission shaft with worn bearing journals can be prepped, arc metal sprayed then re-machined back to the original manufacturer’s specification. This saves costly down time and replacement costs.

Wilkinson Engineering are one of the most advanced and capable engineering businesses in the Territory, if you want to know more about their capabilities:

  • CNC machining
  • Manual machining
  • Arc metal spraying
  • Mechanical fitting
  • Line boring
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • On site welding
  • Engineering bar stock sales
  • Preservation specialists
  • Onsite machining
  • Onsite machining equipment rental

AND admire quality workmanship, get in touch with Wilkinson Engineering at: | 0415 409 912

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