Enhanced Services

We offer a range of Enhanced Services additional to the Government Supported Services listed above. We are a not-for-profit organisation and as such our services, all of which are supported by our Industry Advisers with over 30 years of experience working with Australia’s largest procurement teams, are of the highest quality at the most cost effective price point possible.

Dedicated Project Page on ICN Gateway

Our team will work with you to create a dedicated, company specific, ICN Gateway project page that will allow for collection of Expressions of Interest (EOI) and demonstrate your commitment to local industry engagement for your project.

Project Work Packages

We can post work packages for any shortfalls or opportunities for local industry engagement onto your dedicated ICN Gateway project page, consisting of:

  • EOI process Pre Qual (including download and upload capability) / Question sets
  • An automated supplier engagement and assessment tool that provides potential suppliers with a single user-friendly online access point to engage and qualify for work packages
  • Access to a library of prequalification questions hosted on ICN Gateway and developed by our Industry Advisers
  • ICN Gateway prequalification questions are customisable, enabling you to tailor them as required.

ICN Gateway Project Page Support

We can provide ICN Gateway Project page support including:

  • Assistance utilising ICN Gateway to achieve the required localisation outcomes
  • System administration to upload the project page and work packages
  • System administration to download supplier registration reports from ICN Gateway
  • General queries.

Supplier Briefings

We run events on behalf of either the bidders or the awarded contractor as a way of introduction, knowledge sharing and networking.

Project Secondment of Industry Advisers

One of our Industry Advisers can be embedded on the Project team via a secondment to help ensure processes run smoothly, project deliverables are met, and contracted local engagement targets are well managed. Our Industry Advisers can provide expertise on:

  • Understanding of VIPP and Government expectations
  • Policy reporting processes
  • ICN Gateway supplier prequalification activities
  • Supplier localisation data, enquiries, filtering, prequalification
  • General supply chain facilitation to support procurement activities of the Company.

Tailored Combination

We can tailor and adapt any combination of the Enhanced Services to support your Project in the most timely and cost effective manner possible.

A tailored solution can be packaged at any time throughout the delivery cycle of the Project to meet requirements.