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8 December 2017


Deloitte Australia Level 10, 550 Bourke St Melbourne VIC 3000

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8 December 2017

“Most of the Industry 4.0 technologies, integration and connectivity challenges need to be solved to enable mass customisation and there are no known experts with real industry implementation experience in this field in Australia. Having Professor Kjeld Nielsen from Aalborg University in the country is a great opportunity to have him share some of his leading edge knowledge on ‘Mass Customisation’ which is fundamental to the success of future manufacturing in Australia.” – Fred Eske, Advanced Manufacturing Sector Director
Professor Kjeld Nielsen is the head of Mass Customisation Group, Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Aalborg University Denmark.
Mass Customisation in SMEs
Applying Mass Customisation in SMEs has several major issues that has to be addressed to reach the vision of fully customizable product or product families, easy manufactured in a changeable manufacturing system setup.
Most SMEs come from hand crafted manufacturing culture or legacy, with little or low use of automated or flexible manufacturing systems. Often these companies moving from smaller volume to higher volume will address manual and handcraft process with machines and automated process – these are typically dedicated machines – which in a volume growing company would further develop into dedicated lines, chasing a lower cost to beat the competitors.
Both high volume as well as low volume manufactures need to respond to ever changing requests from customers by changing their manufacturing systems and their product architecture. The Mass Customisation strategy is being applied all over the world to deliver individual goods to customers, at nearly the same cost as mass production.
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