Busted – All work packages are available on ICN Gateway, regardless of which subscription you have. 

They can all be accessed through the work package tab on the project page:

If you have received a new work alert from ICN Gateway simply click on the project name, then select work packages tab to find the project you are interested in.

If you are a premium subscriber you can get directly to the work package from your New Work Alert email, without having to go to the project and click on the work package tab, saving you time searching.

For all subscribers however, the new work alert lets you know that there is a work package open that meets your notification settings. To access the work package you simply click the project name, and once opened, click the work package tab to find the work packages which are related to your company capabilities. 

If you need any help contact the consultant listed on the project page.

Find the jobs that suit you:
  • Getting the work packages you are interested in is simple, just select the regions and sectors that you are interested in.   
  • All new work packages and job opportunities listed on ICN Gateway are compiled each night and if there are work packages listed that meet your criteria, we will send you an email in the morning.  
  • If you select all sectors and industry directories, you will be notified of all work packages listed, but if you take the time to do this properly at the beginning, you will be alerted with jobs that are a better match for you.  

You can, of course, change your notifications at any time.  

To update your notifications, simply login to ICN Gateway and select Notifications in the drop down menu under ‘Business Profile’.

Tip: If you are a Premium subscriber you will also receive closing work alerts one week before the EOI date of closing. 

ICN help desk

Phone 1300 961 139 (within Australia)
Phone +61 2 6285 2033 (outside Australia)
Email helpdesk@icncopy