30 April 2024

ICN applauds ‘Future Made In Australia’ Act for boosting local manufacturing

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Industry Capability Network (ICN) welcomes the announcement by the Prime Minister regarding the Future Made in Australia Act, which presents an important opportunity to bolster local industry participation in the transition to renewable energy.

The Bill underscores the government’s commitment to increase local manufacturing capabilities in Australia and foster economic resilience. By prioritising Australian-made goods and services, this legislation not only supports local businesses but also creates a positive environment for innovation and job creation.

ICN state, as an organisation committed to fostering collaboration and innovation within industry, we recognise the importance of building sovereign capability through sustainable development and economic growth. The Bill has the potential to position Australia as a leader in the global transition towards a greener economy.

“ICN recognises the pivotal role that a robust manufacturing sector plays in driving economic growth and job opportunities across the nation. The “Future Made in Australia” Act aligns with our mission to promote collaboration and investment within the manufacturing industry, ensuring that businesses have the support they need to thrive in a competitive market landscape, said Warren Jansen, chief executive officer, ICN National Office.

According to ICN, they are well placed to work with the Federal Government and state and territory governments to assist with a coordinated, nation-wide approach to local content requirements.

“At ICN, we stand ready to support businesses in seizing the opportunities presented by this announcement. Our 40-year history of creating industry connections, along with our expertise in facilitating partnerships; positions us as a valuable resource for both government and business to boost local industry participation and to build a strong manufacturing industry to support climate change technology”, said Jansen.


Picture: Industry Capability Network

Article from: https://www.manmonthly.com.au/icn-applauds-future-made-in-australia-act-for-boosting-local-manufacturing/

Written by: Georgia Willey, Manufacturers Monthly

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