3 February 2020

Northern Territory Showcase Company January 2020 - Safespear

Each month in the ICN Northern Territory Newsletter you will find a 'Showcase' of a Northern Territorian business. The ICN NT Showcase is a business that has recently been involved in an exciting or innovative project or has increased its capability in order to broaden their contracting opportunities. For January, Safespear is featured.

Safespear is an Aboriginal-owned business carving a name for itself in the Northern Territory!

While the company may be relatively new to the Territory, originally from Western Australia – Safespear feels strongly about localising its services and is invested in building a long-term hub in the NT, which includes increasing the local capability to service the Oil & Gas industry.

Growth had led to Safespear supplying its specialised equipment and services to a number of Oil & Gas facilities in the NT. Early in 2019, Safespear set up a permanent base in Berrimah. Led by Aaron Teague, this move is a true testament to the company’s commitment to the Territory.

The Safespear brand came about from an exciting partnership between Safehouse and Redspear Safety. These two companies provide a diverse range of services to the resource sector, enabling Safespear’s offering to be uniquely comprehensive.

Due to the specialised nature of the work Safespear performs, the company offers an abundance of internal training. Oil & Gas can be a difficult sector to break into with minimal experience. Safespear prides itself on being able to offer a pathway into the field through internal training.

Over the next 12 months, the company is motivated to increase its local NT team with the aim to grow a large, locally trained and capable workforce. It will do this not only through the hire of experienced Oil & Gas personnel but also through traineeships for those with the desire to work in Oil & Gas but without a clear pathway.

Safespear is proud of its abundant supply of specialised portable rental equipment for hazardous areas. In fact, the company has the largest supply of such equipment, readily available and fit for use. All of Safespear's equipment is designed by Safespear and manufactured in Australia. The company’s future goal is to design and fabricate its equipment requirements for the NT, in the NT.

With dedicated operations out of Darwin, the Supply Nation-registered business offers operators in the Territory the consistent delivery of client-focused and safety services. Safespear’s highly-specialised and innovative services are designed to mitigate the risks of hazardous environments.

For more information on the range of Safespear services in the Territory, please go to www.safespear.com.au, visit the office, or contact Aaron Teague directly on the details below.
Safespear Northern Territory
U1 / 17 Willes Rd, Berrimah NT 0828
0448 046 020 or (08) 9353 3752