30 April 2020

Showcase Company - Universal Site Monitoring

Universal Site Monitoring (USM) is a Darwin-based business that was established in 2010 to fill the void between location awareness and worker safety in the industrial sectors by designing and developing advanced safety monitoring devices. Creating a safer work environment for people all around the world is at the heart of what the company does.

Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic we have seen many businesses innovate in extraordinary ways. USM have adapted their Personal Safety Monitoring System (PSMS) to help flatten the curve of COVID-19 with an early warning system. This comprehensive technology can monitor an individual for early onset of known COVID-19 symptoms, for example (but not limited too), core body temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen level.

This development had been planned for future incorporation into USM’s products. However, the COVID-19 pandemic motivated the USM team to get together and find a way to fast-track the development.

This new adaption of the technology recently won one of ten awards at the NERA Innovation Challenge COVID-19 awards in April. Successful applicants were required to demonstrate an ability to rapidly adapt or develop solutions to the challenges associated with the current pandemic. The original Personal Safety Monitoring System, PSM Hero 715 previously won the NT Telstra Small and Succeeding Business Award in 2019 and the Australian Technologies Competition NERA Award in 2018.

The GAM:A technology works by connecting in-house or third-party Bluetooth-enabled devices to USM’s GAM:A Android app and will work anywhere where there is Cellular (GSM) network access. The individual’s health, safety and location status is then monitored remotely from the client specific set up USM - Universal Data Interface (UDI) web page. The USM – UDI is a powerful web-based smart real time alarm/alert, location, ambient, atmospheric, and biometric monitoring and analytics tool. This enhances the ability for the end user to proactively detect and monitor negative trend indicators around the personal health safety and well being of their personnel in the field.

When predetermined client/project specific parameters are triggered the relevant Occupational Health and Safety personnel in the worker’s company are immediately notified. The company can act fast and withdraw the employee for testing and quarantining preventing further exposure to other staff or patients. The movement/tracking reports for the days preceding detection will be available for ease of contact tracing.

While the system is currently only compatible with Android Bluetooth devices, USM is now also prioritising the development of an iOS application to make the technology more readily available.

USM is reviewing options to team-up with existing, new and emerging technology companies to enhance the system further by allowing more and more BLE connected biometric monitoring devices to both the GAM:A and the PSM product lines. The company has a goal to complete the development of an all in one Biometrics Monitor (Bio Mon) for body temperature, heart rate, and blood oxygen level by August this year.

“A great advantage to the system is it can all be set up remotely from Darwin. The GAM:A app can be downloaded from Google Play for Free. This will then send a trigger message to USM technical staff who will arrange the licence and platform access and assist with linking it all together,” said USM Managing Director, Emil Tastula.