26 October 2023

NSW Modern Manufacturing Pulse – October 2023

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Welcome to the first edition of the NSW Modern Manufacturing Pulse Newsletter. Stay updated on manufacturing industry developments, upcoming events, and projects featured in ICN Gateway in our bi-monthly newsletter.

Australia’s manufacturing sector is experiencing a resurgence driven by a renewed focus on sovereign capability and a preference for local suppliers who share our language, time zone, and values, including worker well-being and environmental protection.

The NSW Government is fully committed to revitalising the manufacturing sector to stimulate economic growth, enhance self-reliance in essential resources, expand exports, and improve prosperity. At ICN, we’re witnessing the tangible benefits of this resurgence, evident by the growing number of manufacturing projects.

Our expertise at ICN NSW lies in connecting buyers with the right suppliers across a wide range of projects of all scales. We do this through harnessing the capabilities of our procurement and supply chain tool, ICN Gateway, which is complemented by our experienced NSW Modern Manufacturing team. Our commitment revolves around facilitating engagement within the ICN Network by providing project visibility, helping you save time and resources.

Currently, we’re in the process of supply chain mapping for our E-bus project, and your profile plays a crucial role in helping both us and the government gain a comprehensive understanding of your business capabilities for future projects. We encourage you to review and update your existing ICN Gateway profile to ensure its accuracy.

Should you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced Modern Manufacturing Managers, Jeules Deckers or myself. We are here to guide you through the process of updating your profile or identifying new opportunities.

To stay informed, we recommend following us on LinkedIn for project announcements and other important news.

We look forward to meeting with you, visiting your facilities, and exploring how Modern Manufacturing can benefit your business.

Marcus Batten
Modern Manufacturing Manager


What is Modern Manufacturing?

Modern Manufacturing refers to a contemporary approach to manufacturing, combining traditional skills with emerging technologies to achieve advanced knowledge, sustainability, and customer satisfaction.

It involves leveraging digital transformation and cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality (AR), industrial automation (AI), robotics, robotic process automation (RPA), 3D printing, and collaboration with universities to enhance capability, capacity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Effective leadership and mentoring are also vital for navigating this changing environment to achieve planned outcomes.

Modern Manufacturing will play a crucial role in supporting economic growth in NSW, and across Australia. The Modern Manufacturing Initiative is a key element of the Australian Government’s Modern Manufacturing Strategy, which aims to help local manufacturers grow, compete globally and create jobs.


The manufacturing ‘smile curve’: It demonstrates the value Australian manufacturers are well-positioned to capture if they are able to strategically shift their market focus and adopt technology.

Source: Make it Happen: The Australian Government’s Modern Manufacturing Strategy

NSW Government Support for Modern Manufacturing

Since, the release of  the “Making It In NSW” report by the Modern Manufacturing Taskforce in July 2022, the NSW Government, under the guidance of the NSW Modern Manufacturing Commissioner Lisa Emerson, ICN has been able bring on two Modern Manufacturing Managers: Marcus Batten and Jeules Deckers.

Lisa Emerson has actively championed various initiatives supporting manufacturing in NSW, including the “Making It In NSW” video series featuring companies like RØDE, a Sydney-based cutting-edge audio technology company.  

Following this year’s election, the NSW Government unveiled plans related to manufacturing in NSW, including the local production of new trains to replace the ageing Tangara fleet and new ferries too.

National Reconstruction Fund

The National Reconstruction Fund (NRF) is a $15 billion initiative established by the Australian Government to support and strengthening various industries, particularly manufacturing, to diversify and transform Australia’s economy, with the aim of creating jobs, fostering innovation, and enhancing Australia’s capabilities in producing high-value-added products.

The fund will invest across seven priority areas of the economy: 

  • Renewables and low emissions technologies
  • Medical science
  • Transport
  • Value-add in the agriculture, forestry and fisheries sectors
  • Value-add in resources
  • Defence capability
  • Enabling capabilities  

The NRF will provide funding to projects in priority areas to leverage Australia’s natural and competitive strengths. 

ICN NSW can unlock opportunities

We want to support and enhance sustainable manufacturing in NSW and Australia, and we welcome your assistance. Since March, we’ve visited over 100 Australian-owned factories and learnt about their impressive capabilities. 

We’re also hosting a range of networking events in Western Sydney covering a range of topics including building technical capability, business optimisation, risk management, staff retention, and business development. You can find details of these events in the “What’s on” section at the end of this email, as we’d love to see you there. 

Finding new business opportunities, particularly with emerging or expanding supply chains, can be challenging. However, by utilising the capabilities of ICN Gateway and talking with our dedicated Modern Manufacturing team, led by Marcus Batten and Jeules Deckers, you’ll be able to unlock a world of opportunities. This means not only identifying and pursuing opportunities that align with your business capabilities but also forging connections with universities that possess cutting-edge technologies to enhance your business automation. Additionally, you can collaborate with us to address any supply chain shortages you may face, as we’re here to provide alternative solutions tailored to your needs.

Manufacturing Opportunities On ICN Gateway

Coffs Harbour Bypass

The 14 kilo Coffs Harbour Bypass project seeks to improve connectivity, road transport efficiency and safety.  Major work is expected to start in March 2023. Work packages include:

  • Cables
  • Fire Pumps
  • Street Lighting. 

EOIs will close in 2024.

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BlueScope No. 6 Blast Furnace Reline

BlueScope has commenced scoping work for a furnace reline, repair and upgrade allowing the No. 6 Blast Furnace to re-start for a second campaign to replace the production of existing No. 5 Blast Furnace. Work packages include:

  • stockhouse conveyors general items supply
  • safety line systems supply and install. 

EOIs will close from 1 Dec ’23 and 2 Feb ’24 respectively. 

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Lockheed Martin Future Space and Communications Programs in ANZ

Lockheed Martin Australia’s Space division is pursuing Australian industry partnerships with a long-term perspective. Various Defence and Government contracts available. EOIs close in Nov ‘23.  Work packages available in:

  • Payloads
  • Space Systems Manufacturing
  • Ground Station
  • Systems present opportunities

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Nuclear Powered Submarine Program – Industry Portal

The Australian Submarine Agency is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from potential Australian suppliers who may be able to offer their products and services in support of the nuclear powered submarine programs of Australia, the United States and United Kingdom.

To participate, suppliers should complete the EOI – Supplier Capability Questionnaire, which assesses capabilities across various industry sectors.

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