With the global focus on 2030 greenhouse gas targets, and net zero by 2050, and the, ACCC recently releasing draft guidelines for businesses making environmental and sustainability claims, there’s never been a better time to take steps to reduce your carbon footprint.

That’s why ICNL has partnered with Climate Clever, 100% Australian-owned climate-tech company that helps SMEs on their climate journey.

You can read about the ACCC guidance and Climate Clever in this Spring edition of Capability News, which focuses on sustainability.

We also bring you four case studies of companies on ICN Gateway who are using Climate Clever to record their carbon footprint and set actions to meet reduction targets:

  • Automation Engineers Australia is a small business that punches well above its weight in providing clients with reliable and energy efficient systems.
  • Airmaster has been delivering environmental upgrades and energy saving initiatives to customers across the country for three decades.
  • Marine and harbour services company, TAMS, chose to start measuring and reducing its carbon footprint as part of being a responsible corporate citizen.
  • Acor Consultants wanted to refine its commitment to sustainability, while making it relevant to its operations.

Meanwhile, ICN SA has released its Hydrogen Supply Chain Mapping and Gap Analysis study, which identifies more than 2000 South Australian suppliers that could provide goods and services to the emerging hydrogen sector.

We also feature several current green energy projects listed on Gateway.

In NSW, the Walla Walla and Wellington North Solar farms combined will generate enough energy to power about 250,000 homes, while the $1 billion Upper South Creek Advanced Water Recycling Centre (AWRC) is set to become one of the most advanced wastewater recycling facilities in the southern hemisphere.

ICN Qld is working with Windlab to identify local suppliers for a proposed windfarm on a cattle property in Gugu Badhun Country northwest of Townsville; as well as with Queensland Hydro on the the Borumba Pumped Hydro Project, about 50 kilometres southwest of Gympie.

These are just a few of the current green energy projects currently on ICN Gateway. You can find more searching “green energy” on Gateway.

In event news, ICNL is proud to partner with Connecting Industry to bring you the Connecting Renewable Energy Conference. This online virtual event features speakers from some of the largest renewable energy, resource and construction companies in Australia.

We are also a proud partner of Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing Asia Pacific. As a Best in Show Sponsor, ICNL will have a stand at the conference in February next year, as well as naming rights to a Best in Show prize.

As part of our partnerships, we have negotiated discount tickets to the events for our subscribers. Grab yours today.

Bettina Venner
National Chair of ICN Directors

Greener News

Avoid ‘greenwashing’ claims with ICN and ClimateClever

Climate targets are more important now than ever before. Becoming Net-Zero and achieving climate neutrality are increasingly becoming a benchmark for many businesses and our SMEs have a critical role to play in ensuring that we reach our emissions targets.

Addressing climate change is more important now than ever before. While action is needed at all levels, SMEs are going to play a critical role in ensuring that meet our new national and global Net-Zero climate targets.

That is why Industry Capability Network has joined forces with climate-tech company ClimateClever to help thousands of SMEs access cost effective ways to measure and reduce their emissions and help Australia respond to climate change.

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ACCC’s eight principals for environmental claims

The Australia Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) recently published draft guidance identifies eight principals businesses can focus on when making environmental claims. 

The draft guidance is aimed at improving the integrity of environmental and sustainability claims made by businesses and protect consumers from ‘greenwashing’. 

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A small company making a big impact. 

AEA + ClimateClever

After a tele call between Vanessa Rauland from Climate Clever and David Graham MD, it was an easy decision to make to partner with Climate Clever. “Using their unique platform enables us to record and set actions, and report and track our progress to reduce our carbon footprint, the data entry “was easy”,” Chris commented.

“I looked at it as an environmental manager with specific KPI’s. It comes down to the proof the proof is in the facts.”

AEA has been with ClimateClever for several months now and Chris has created the first report. Once he had captured all the data, it became apparent that the biggest contributor to AEA’s carbon footprint was its service vehicles.

Read more

Building services company working towards net zero. 

Airmaster + ClimateClever

Since 1988, building services company Airmaster has been delivering environmental upgrades and energy saving initiatives to customers across the country, and recently signed up to the enterprise tier of ClimateClever to better monitor, and reduce its own climate footprint.

According to Airmaster’s Jack Russell, Airmaster’s already strong environmental credentials, including certification for its Environmental Management System encouraged the company to want to learn more about what they can be doing themselves.

Read more

WA marine company leading the way. 

TAMS+ ClimateClever

As an innovative marine and harbour services company, WA-based TAMS is proudly leading the way when it comes to sustainability.

The company, which employs more than 500 people across Western Australia and Queensland has recently signed up to the ClimateClever platform.

CEO Lee Bartlett said the company chose to start measuring and reducing its carbon footprint as part of being a responsible corporate citizen. At first, we wondered if TAMS was too small to make a difference and able to inspire change.

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Flexibility a win for engineering consultants. 

ACOR+ ClimateClever

With 11 sites across the country, and more than 500 staff, Acor Consulting is one of Australia’s largest employee-owned engineering firms.

The company leadership has recently been considering the best approach to refine Acor’s commitment to sustainability, looking not only how it delivers on this, but how to make it relevant to its operations.

That’s where Climate Clever platform comes in. Managing Director, Michael Goodwin heard about the platform when he attended an ICN webinar.

According to Alina Chaparro, Acor’s Sustainability Focus Leader, who reviewed several platforms, Climate Clever was convenient for the office-based company.

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Project News

Walla Walla Solar Farm to generate power for decades

Thanks to a $100 million funding boost from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, the 300-megawatt Walla Walla Solar Farm is set to substantially increase the amount of clean energy available to consumers in NSW and Victoria.

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Gawara Baya, landmark Indigenous agreement for Queensland wind farm

A proposed windfarm on a cattle property in Gugu Badhun Country north west of Townsville is expected to provide clean power to 240,000 homes and eliminate 1.2 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from Australia’s energy market every year.

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Pumped hydro to help meet Qld energy targets

The Queensland Government has committed $6 billion to build the Borumba Pumped Hydro Project, about 50 kilometres south west of Gympie.

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Solar Farm construction to generate 400 jobs

With last year’s financing of the 425MWdc Wellington North Solar farm in NSW and the smaller Wunghnu solar farm in Victoria, Lightsource bp has become the largest solar developer and owner in Australia.

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Landmark wastewater recycling plant set for western Sydney

Local suppliers around western Sydney have the chance to be involved in a landmark investment in wastewater treatment.

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Mapping local hydrogen capability

ICN SA has completed a Hydrogen Supply Chain Mapping and Gap Analysis study, identifying more than 2000 South Australian suppliers that could provide goods and services to the emerging hydrogen sector.


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Summer Capability News 2023

With Christmas around the corner, it’s a good time to reflect on the achievements of the year. As a network, ICN has grown this year, both in our offerings and out partnerships, all for the benefit of Australian and New Zealand small and medium enterprises. And we intend to keep up the pace into the New Year. 

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