29 March 2023

World-first green ammonia project

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Brisbane is set to be the home of a green ammonia hub thanks to a partnership between Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) and Incitec Pivot Limited (IPL), FFI are planning to develop a green hydrogen plant, and Iconvert Incitec’s Gibson Island ammonia plantH2’s into a green ammonia production facility for both domestic and export markets.

Feasibility studies showed that industrial-scale manufacturing of green ammonia at Gibson Island is technically and commercially feasible on the existing brownfield site.

The project, subject to a Final Investment Decision (FID), will involve building a 500 mega-watt green hydrogen plant capable of producing 70,000 tonnes of renewable hydrogen each year, as well as retrofitting IPL’s existing ammonia manufacturing facility to run on the green hydrogen produced onsite.

In a joint press release, FFI CEO Mark Hutchison the world-first conversion of an existing facility to become an industrial-scale producer of green hydrogen and green ammonia would support about 100 jobs would be in the lead up to FID, with first production expected around 2025.

“This collaboration aims to put Queensland and Australia ahead of the pack – not only in terms of the scale of production and supply of green hydrogen and green ammonia, but also in terms of demonstrating to the world that projects like this are feasible and that Australia has the foresight, the commitment, and the know-how to invest in and deliver them,” Mr Hutchinson said.

IPL Managing Director and CEO Jeanne Johns said the potential conversion of Gibson Island to green ammonia “shows our commitment to pursuing opportunities to help create a more sustainable world in the new and emerging opportunities stemming from green ammonia”.

Meanwhile, FFI is working closely with Powerlink to connect the project to the Queensland electricity transmission network and with Urban Utilities on sustainable water supply to the project.

There is also a domestic and international process to canvas potential buyers of the green ammonia the facility will produce.

The Gibson Island project is currently using ICN Gateway to seek expressions of interest from suitably qualified contractors and suppliers for project tendering opportunities for the hydrogen facility.

To register for updates, or submit an EOI, go the Gibson Island Gateway page.

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