Universal Site Monitoring (USM) is a Darwin based business that was established in 2010 to fill the void between location awareness and worker safety in the industrial sectors by designing and developing advanced safety monitoring devices. Creating a safer work environment for people all around the world is at the heart of what the company do. In late 2018, the company took home first place for the ‘Energy Resources Award’ in the Australian Technologies Competition. Their devices are individually custom configured to suit every operation across a range of different industry sectors.

In Australia, workforce fatalities have been steady at around 200 per year for some time. Having personally experienced fatalities of work mates, saving lives sit very close to home for the USM team which is where the idea of the PSM Hero 715 evolved.

Universal Site Monitoring started designing a unique safety monitor that combined real-time communication, early gas detection and resilient location sensing into one-hand held device and in 2018 manufactured and introduced the “PSM Hero 715”. This device is worn on the worker, serving as the ultimate safeguard for multiple risks simultaneously to ensure they are protected regardless of job, industry or working conditions. Essentially, it’s all your safety features combined into one hand held device. This piece of equipment is proudly locally designed by the small team of technological experts based in Darwin and manufactured in Australia.

Since launching, the PSM Hero 715 has been tested in the Industrial Marine, Environmental Management industry, whereby USM implemented a variety of monitoring solutions to assist Bhagwan Marine in meeting their requirements with the INPEX Mega Fauna Program. Their Universal Data Interface system supported the management team to monitor movement of vessels and marine mega fauna throughout designated areas. These areas were defined by the management team using configurable geo-fences and had impressive findings including; monitoring, real time reporting and direct fail-safe communications with piling team, combined technology elements to identify exclusion zones, monitor noise levels and plot sightings for reporting and analysis, command and control view of compliance with Marine and Shipping Management Plan and maintained Bhagwan Marine’s reputation as a consistent, high quality service provider on high value projects.

USM has created a suite of location sensing technology that will transform workplace safety and on-site reporting. For more information on how your business can ensure workers safety and health status in real time, make contact with the team at: www.universalsitemonitoring.com.au