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Within the Australia Pacific region, Airbus is one the most well-known suppliers of advanced helicopter solutions and Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) services to both Defence and Civil clients. Building upon this heritage, Airbus is seeking to grow its space portfolio in Australia and New Zealand by integrating the capability and skill of local industry. Airbus acknowledges the strategic importance of Australian Industry Capability, and is committed to ensuring Australian companies and academia have the opportunity to partner in meaningful and sustainable ways with the largest space company in Europe and one of the world’s leading communication satellite companies.

Complementing its industry engagement roadshows events across Australia, Airbus is now seeking expressions of interest from Australian organisations. This may lead to one-on-one discussions with Airbus to identify specific local workshare opportunities in the pursuit, delivery and support of space related opportunities.

Projects deemed of interest to Airbus (but not limited to) include:

– JP9102- Australian Defence Satcom System
– DEF 799 Phase 2 – Enhanced Satellite ISR Capability
– FMSC – Future Maritime Surveillance Capability
– Zephyr- Airbus’s High-Altitude Pseudo Satellite
– EMAC – Enhanced Maritime Awareness Capability (New Zealand)

Airbus is exploring options for Australian Industry Capability in the space related technology areas of:

– Satellite Control Centre station integration and operation
– Mission Payload Control station integration and operation
– Ground station electronic subsystems manufacture
– Spacecraft bus panel and machine parts fabrication and harness manufacturing
– Hosted space surveillance and optical payloads design, development, manufacture and support
– Subsystem test and evaluation
– Software development, adaptation and integration
– Ground terminal design, development, manufacture and support
– Signal processing and analysis.

Translating this into industrial capabilities, Airbus is seeking expressions of interest from companies with any of the following capabilities:
  1. Manufacturing:
    – Components and small aluminum parts precision machining
    – Surface treatment (Alodine 1200 or Sirtec 650)
    – Aluminum/aluminum honeycomb structures
    – Additive aluminum manufacturing
  2. Electronics / electrical engineering:
    – Design
    – Assembly
    – Manufacturing
    – Build to print
    – Antenna design and manufacturing
    – RF component design and manufacture
    – Satcom terminals (mobile or fixed)
    – Spectrum monitoring systems
    – Electrical harness
    – RF Harness or Waveguides
  3. Software development:
    – Data analytics
    – Software, services for Network Management Systems / Mission Operations Centre
    – Security and cyber protection for government applications
    – Specialist software development
    – Image treatment applications
    – Analytics applications
  4. Payload development:
    – Optical equipment
    – Radar equipment
    – RF equipment
  5. Infrastructure:
    – Design and building work for ground stations, terminals
    – Design and building work for Mission and Network Operation Centres
    – Ground antennas and RF base band equipment integration and validation
    – Complex electronic system integration and validation
    – Installation work for communications and IT systems as well as utilities, HVAC etc.
  6. Services:
    – Project management and supplier management services
    – System engineering
    – Maintenance of communication and IT equipment
    – Site security services
    – Operations of Network Operations Centre, etc.
    – Communications Architecture design & Security Architecture design
    – Satellite launch services
    – Commercial Satcom capacity and terminals
    – Specialist manpower supply
    – Training services
    – Recruitment services
    – Test & validation services

Airbus invites industry and academia to respond to a Call for Innovation.  The programme aims to identify key Australian organisations to work with Airbus on future space opportunities and develop Australia’s sovereign industrial capability. Interested parties are asked to register interest for the event which will focus on key development topics:

  1. Cyber Security
  2. New Space
  3. Quantum Technologies
  4. Space Capabilities
  5. Prognostic Enabled Decision Making
  6. RT Maritime Situational Awareness
  7. Spacecraft Electrical Systems
  8. SST – LEO Debris Initial Orbit Determination
  9. SST – On Board Data Processing and Compression
  10. GEO IoT Connectivity and Enablers
  11. Dynamic Optimization of Satellite Operations
  12. Low Cost User Terminals for Mega Constellations

Successful applicants will be invited to pitch their ideas to a panel of Airbus’ Technical Domain Managers. The pitches will be assessed on the applicability of the technology to the development topics, the Technology Readiness Level and the relevance of the technology to future needs. Organisations successful during the event will be invited for detailed discussions at a mutually convenient day and time.

For an overview of this opportunity, please review the presentation in Project Documents (below) titled Airbus Call for Innovation Proposals Jan 2021.

Airbus is committed to collaborate with Australian academia and SMEs to develop new technologies and capabilities within the Australian Space ecosystem #TeamMaier.


This ICN portal will continue to be used as a vehicle for registering expressions of interest and posting all non-export-controlled work packages available to Australian industry and supporting pre-qualification activities.

Key Dates:

– JP9102 by 31 January 2021.
– Call For Innovation: Proposals by 18 February 2021 and Abstract (plus supporting slides for the Innovation Pitch) by 22 February 2021.


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