Awoonga Dam is classified as a referable dam with a category 2 Failure Impact Category (for both Sunny Day and Flood Consequence failures) under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008.

GAWB must ensure that Awoonga Dam complies with the Queensland Guidelines on Acceptable Flood Capacity (AFC) for Water Dams 2019.

The Acceptable Flood Capacity (AFC) upgrade requirements of the Awoonga Dam are

  • Stage 1 – 25% of the AFC upgrade by 1 October 2015 (completed)
  • Stage 2 – 65% of the AFC upgrade by 1 October 2025; and
  • Stage 3 – 100% of the AFC upgrade by 1 October 2035.

GAWB’s intent is to deliver the full scope for the Acceptable Flood Capacity (AFC) requirements as per Queensland Guidelines in three (3) separate projects of an overall program of works to achieve 100% compliance over multiple phases by October 2035.

See the project here.

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