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About BW Offshore Singapore Pte Ltd (“BWO”)

BW Offshore is a leading provider of floating production services to the oil and gas industry. The company also participates in developing proven offshore hydrocarbon reservoirs. BW Offshore is represented in all major oil & gas regions world-wide with a fleet of 15 owned FPSOs. The company has more than 30 years of production track record, having executed 40 FPSO and FSO projects.

The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Further information is also available on

About the project

Barossa is an offshore gas and light condensate project being progressed by the Barossa Joint Venture comprising Santos NA Barossa Pty Ltd (Santos) as Operator, Santos Offshore Pty Ltd and SK E&S Australia Pty Ltd.

As part of the Barossa Offshore Project, Santos has selected BWO as the contractor to provide the FPSO Services.

The Scope of Services to be provided under the Contract shall include FPSO Facilities Services (EPCIC Provision of the FPSO Facilities), Pre-Operation Services, Operation and Maintenance Services, Demobilisation Services, Decommissioning Services, and other associated works, services and other activities.

For procurement and subcontracting, BWO adopts a competitive bid approach as far as possible, with a comprehensive and robust bid evaluation process to maximize value for the project as well as for the Client and BWO.

BWO is committed to supporting the Santos Australian Industry Participation (AIP) Plan to ensure all Suppliers are given a Full, Fair and Reasonable Opportunity to participate in the development of the Barossa Project. BWO will comply with all the requirements as stated in the Santos AIP Plan and the Australian Jobs Act 2013 throughout the project.

BWO has worked closely with ICN-NT to ensure all Expressions of Interest previously registered for FPSO packages have been/will be assessed as part of the changeover process to BWO from the previous contractor. Please contact ICN-NT with queries on specific packages that were previously posted by the previous contractor.

BWO Pre-requisite Questionnaire for EOI

Please be aware that as part of submitting an EOI on specific packages, suppliers must provide responses to a set questionnaire as part of the EOI process. This information will provide a first-pass screening of BWO’s general requirements.

Further details on the Barossa Project and associated opportunities can be found at

FPSO – Hull (SKMT)

BWO has awarded a subcontract to SAMKANG M&T Co., Ltd. (SKMT) for fabrication of the Hull for the Barossa FPSO project. Please refer to the packages listed below under the SKMT – FPSO Hull sub-heading to register interest.

SKMT Contact Details:

Mr. Neo Lee

Deputy General Manager


FPSO – Submerged Turret Production (STP) system (NOV APL)

BWO has issued an Early Order To Proceed to NOV APL for supply of the Submerged Turret Production (STP) system for the Barossa FPSO project. Please refer to the packages listed below under the NOV APL – FPSO STP sub-heading to register interest.

NOV APL Contact Details:

Mr. Trond Usterud

Supply Chain Manager


FPSO – Topside Modules Fabrication

BWO has awarded a subcontract to Dyna-Mac Engineering Services Pte Ltd (Dyna-Mac) for Topside Modules Fabrication for the Barossa FPSO project. Please refer to the packages listed below under the Dyna-Mac – FPSO Topside Modules Fabrication sub-heading to register interest.

Dyna-Mac Contact Details:

Mr Louis Tan

Senior Procurement Executive


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