Goschen Rare Earths and Mineral Sands Project

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The Goschen Rare Earths and Mineral Sands Project is a mining and processing facility located in the Loddon-Mallee Region in North-West Victoria.

The project will operate for 20-25 years and is expected to create at least 250 construction jobs and 400 full time jobs, boosting the local economy.

Register your interest by visiting the Goschen Rare Earths and Mineral Sands Project ICN Gateway page.

Phased Development Approach

Development of Goschen Project is planned to occur in three phases;

  • Phase 1 – consists of a mining unit plant (MUP), wet concentrator plant (WCP), and a rare earth mineral flotation circuit (REMFC) producing rare earth mineral concentrate (REMC) and zircon/titania heavy mineral concentrate (HMC) with first commissioning in H1, 2025.
  • Phase 1A – introduces a hydrometallurgical plant to further upgrade the REMC into higher value mixed rare earth carbonate (MREC) with first commissioning in H2, 2025.
  • Phase 2 – an additional mineral separation plant (MSP) to produce final separable mineral sand products, including ilmenite, zircon, leucoxene, and high titanium rutile (HiTi rutile). Phase 2 may commence approximately two years post first production of Phase 1.

Contracts and Procurement

VHM Limited (VHM) is committed to realising value for money at an acceptable level of risk for all procurement expenditure. Value for money involves selecting vendors who can provide the best overall benefit to VHM over the procurement cycle. VHM aims to support and develop local business sustainability.

  • VHM prefers commercially viable opportunities that provide local employment and support local business infrastructure.
  • Opportunities are available through VHM directly and also through its construction and operational contractors.
  • VHM maintains a procurement policy and local preference policy.
  • Mining is a highly regulated industry where all operations, works and activities are subject to regulation under the Occupational Health and Safety Act (2004) and regulations.
  • VHM targets best practice in safety, environment, social, governance and sustainability.
  • VHM will induct all on site workers in safety, environmental, and other policies.
  • All equipment will be inspected, and operators approved by VHM before mobilisation to site.
  • Only approved VHM officers can engage your business.

Capability Areas

VHM invites interested contractors to submit an expression of interest in the following areas:

  • Drilling and Support Services
  • Minor Equipment Hire
  • General Hardware
  • Fencing
  • Accommodation
  • Road and Intersection Works
  • Fuel Supply
  • Security
  • Traffic Management

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