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The James Cook University (JCU) Technology Innovation Complex (TIC) is an innovation focused Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) investment for regional North Queensland to perform and innovate at a national and international level and actively contribute to the transformation and growth of the North Queensland economy.

The Technology Innovation Complex (TIC) based in Townsville responds to the fast growing interdependency of the research and higher education sector and industry, which tactically needs to combine to develop people with the technical knowledge and skills to innovate, grow and transform the economy and create jobs.

TIC is a 10,000 square metre (approx.) ‘Studio’ where research and industry collaboration, innovation and research supports local business – specifically STEM, big data and analytics, information technology and technology transformation.

The TIC will provide purpose-built facilities for students, academics and industry partners to support the development and collaboration of ideas from concept through to prototype, trial and commercialisation.

Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning Spaces expected to be included in the Technology Innovation Complex (TIC) include:

  • Advanced Manufacturing Studio
  • Computational Digital Studio
  • Collaborative Digital Studio
  • Shared Wet / Dry Laboratory
  • Shared Research Laboratory
  • Multi-Modal Studio Peer to Peer Learning / Student Hub
  • Structures Laboratory
  • Garage Innovation Space
  • Observation Studio

The majority of staff will be accommodated in open plan office space.  Provision of high quality breakout, meeting and amenity spaces is considered essential to the successful adoption of this space format.

For more information visit the development’s website – www.jcu.edu.au.


Information regarding upcoming supply opportunities are communicated on our ICN Gateway project page below. Consultants, contractors and suppliers who possess the capability, capacity and track record to perform the stated scopes of work and are interested in supplying to the project are encouraged to submit an expression of interest (EOI) through the ICN Gateway.

Suppliers should be aware that EOI opportunities will be made available to businesses with the capability and capacity to meet the requirements.

Expression of Interest communicated via the ICN Gateway are not Request for Quotation / Tender and in turn are not a commitment or representation that JCU (or its agents) will issue a Request for Quotation / Tender to procure the goods, services or equipment listed.

JCU (or its agents) may contact one (1) or more of the organisations that submit an expression of interest to discuss the requirements of the product(s) or service(s) to be provided. Responding to the EOI does not guarantee that JCU (or its agents) will contact your organisation.

JCU (or its agents) shall only invite service providers and suppliers who, through their response to the EOI, can clearly demonstrate capability and capacity against the documented scope. It is essential that your company profile on the ICN Gateway is complete, up-to-date and accurate – as any incomplete profiles will not be considered.


A key requirement of this project is compliance with the Building Code 2013. Contractors expressing interest for work packages are encouraged to provide evidence of their compliance with the Building Code 2013 within their EOI response.

For more information visit the Australian Building and Construction Commission’s website – www.abcc.gov.au/building-code.


JCU is committed to creating sustainable employment and economic development opportunities for local suppliers by maximising their participation opportunities in our procurement activities.  In the context of JCU’s operations, local means Australia and New Zealand.

JCU aims to provide ‘full, fair and reasonable opportunity’ for capable and competitive suppliers and service providers to compete for work or participate in global supply chains.


JCU strongly encourages suppliers to contact ICN Queensland in the first instance to gain an understanding of the EOI process and development programs, such as their ICN Gateway Profile Improvement Workshops. To access the current workshop program, please follow the link below:


The Queensland Government offers workshops to suppliers interested in marketing themselves more effectively to buyers and to improve their tendering response. These workshops are offered around Queensland and any supplier is welcome to attend. To access the current workshop program, please follow the link below:


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