The Project

As an Australian owned and operated business, Santos believes that working with local industry and local and Indigenous communities is vital to sustaining the long-term viability of our business and to deliver the economic and environmental benefits of natural gas to homes and businesses throughout Australia and Asia.

Santos is planning to develop its natural gas reserves in the Narrabri area in northwest New South Wales. Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project could supply NSW homes, small businesses, major industries and electricity generators with up to half the state’s natural gas needs and bring substantial economic benefits to Narrabri and the region. The gas from the project will be made available to the NSW market.

The Environmental Impact Statement for the Narrabri Gas Project was assessed and approved by both the State, Commonwealth Governments and the Independent Planning Commission following extensive community consultation throughout the assessment process.

The Narrabri Gas Project involves the production of natural gas through the progressive development of up to 850 wells connected into processing facilities south of Narrabri at Leewood and Bibblewindi. The Narrabri Gas Project will also include the construction of surface facilities and supporting infrastructure.

The Narrabri gas field contains an estimated 1.8 TCF of natural gas. It is located in the Gunnadah Basin, approximately 600km north west of Sydney. The area encompasses petroleum exploration licence PEL 238.

Santos anticipates full development of the field will produce approximately 200TJ/d gas to service the NSW market via pipeline over an estimated 25-year field life.

Operations will be located on around 1,000ha of the 95,000-hectare Project area. The Project area is mostly located on state land in a section of the Pilliga set aside by the NSW Government for uses including logging and extractive industries.

Consistent with the Santos Local Industry, Community and Indigenous Participation Policy, Santos seeks to engage with local communities at the earliest opportunity and to provide information that is relevant and accessible to those communities about our operations.

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