Pilbara Generation Project

Project Overview:

The Pilbara Generation Project (Project) will enhance Fortescue’s existing power generation capacity through the inclusion of 150MW of gas fired reciprocating engine-based power generation, together with 150MW of solar photovoltaic (PV) generation and 50MW of battery storage and will be constructed, owned and operated by Fortescue through its subsidiary Pilbara Energy (Generation) Pty Ltd.

The Pilbara Generation Project complements the Pilbara Transmission Project, which consists of 275km of high voltage transmission lines connecting Fortescue’s existing mine sites.

Together, the Project and the Pilbara Transmission Project, form the Pilbara Energy Connect (PEC) which

·       leverages Fortescue’s existing gas pipeline and latent generation capacity at the Solomon Power Station;

·       will provide Fortescue with a hybrid solar gas energy solution;

·       will enable Fortescue to supply additional power to be delivered to its mine sites; and

·       supports the incorporation of additional large-scale renewable energy in the future.

Scope Overview:

The Pilbara Generation Project will require the:

·       establishment of a Thermal Power Station to connect to the existing Solomon Power station;

·       establishment of Solar PV Generation to generate power and connect to the transmission network; and

·       establishment of a Battery Energy Storage System to connect to the Pilbara Transmission Network.

Indicative Timeline:

Construction activities are expected to commence as follows:

·       Thermal Power Generation is scheduled to commence in August 2020.

·       Battery Energy Storage is scheduled to commence in June 2021.

·       Solar PV Generation is scheduled to commence in April 2021.

Local and Indigenous participation:      

In line with Fortescue’s commitment to supporting local Western Australian communities, requirements relating to the engagement of local and Indigenous vendors will be included in the selection criteria for Pilbara Generation Project tendering opportunities.

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