The Tier Barometer is designed to provide you with a report to indicate your company's position in relation to a tier of supply to a major project. The list of questions is not exhaustive, but the Tier Barometer will deliver a preliminary indication for your company.

The questions and your Tier Barometer report are based on research and responses to a survey from over 100 organisations covering a mix of major project proponents, Tier 1 contractors and key subcontractors and was funded by the Queensland Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning for Industry Capability Network (ICN) to assist you understand the skills and capabilities you need to win work on major projects.

While every effort has been made to ensure the information is accurate, neither the ICN nor its agents nor members accept any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage incurred by any person relying on the information. Users are advised to seek their own advice before acting upon information contained in Tier Barometer.

There are four variants to the Tier Barometer allowing you to assess your company for supply to very small, small, medium or large projects. Please select one of the links below:

Note: It is mandatory to have all Insurances for each of the following project sizes.

Tier Assessment for:

There is also a Tier Barometer available for the Australia Pacific LNG project and it can be accessed by visiting and clicking on "Assess Your Tier Level".