Buying local goods and services can significantly reduce time and costs associated with the whole life of the project.

Project owners benefit from guidance on supplier capabilities and past experience, through to advice on how to reduce procurement time and costs.


About ICN Tasmania

In Tasmania we aim to enhance opportunities for Tasmanian, Australian and New Zealand industry in all levels of government procurement, and major projects including defence. We create opportunities by closing the information gap between buyers and sellers and give procurement support to local industry and government agencies.

Services include:

  • identifying competitive Australian made goods and services for import replacement

  • locating potential Australian partners for joint ventures and technology transfers

  • providing industry briefings and seminars on local projects

  • capturing industry capability information

  • listing project details and tiered supplier opportunities

  • supporting Enhanced Project By Law Scheme enquiries

  • supporting Tariff Concession enquiries

For more information about the services we deliver in Tasmania, please call us on 1300 961 139.

At the heart of our service is ICN Gateway, a powerful online tool connecting suppliers and project managers.

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