ICN  works with major government and private sector infrastructure, industrial, energy and resources projects. We work with projects to analyse engineering and procurement specifications to provide capable local supply options. Below is some information on some of our current projects.

Woodside - Greater Enfield project

The Greater Enfield Project is a subsea tie back to the Ngujima-Yin FPSO, currently located over the Vincent field. The development aggregates production from the previously undeveloped Norton over Laverda, Laverda Canyon and Cimatti hydrocarbon accumulations.  The concept consists of up to fourteen (14) wells in total, which are tied back to the existing Ngujima-Yin FPSO via a 16” rigid production flowline and a 10” flexible production riser. Brownfield modifications required to the Ngujima-Yin FPSO to accommodate the introduction of the Greater Enfield fluids will include:

  • Addition of Low Salinity Water Treatment Plant and Injection Pumps and Turbine Drivers

  • Addition of Corrosion Inhibitor Injection Facilities

  • Addition of Multi-Phase Pumps Variable Speed Drives and control system as well as the subsea control system for the additional wells

  • Brownfields Modifications to the FPSO and Turret to facilitate the above 

Woodside Consultation Information Sheet - Greater Enfield Project Drilling and Subsea Installation


North West Shelf Subsea Tieback Program

The North West Shelf (NWS) subsea tieback (SSTB) program is focused on using existing infrastructure to develop reserves from existing and undeveloped NWS Project fields.

The NWS SSTB program will use the same types of equipment, methodology and approach to contracting to develop these fields that will connect into the NWS Projects existing offshore infrastructure.

The principal NWS Project oil and gas fields are located about 125 kilometres north-west of Karratha, Western Australia in water depths ranging between 80 and 131 metres, covering a total area of 3,134 square kilometres.

The Perseus field is an important long-term supplier of gas into the NWS Project and represents about one third of current gas resources. Other producing fields include North Rankin, Goodwyn, Angel, Searipple, Cossack, Wanaea, Lambert and Hermes.

Undeveloped gas reserves include Wilcox, Sculptor, Rankin, Dockrell, Lambert Deep, Pemberton, Lady Nora, Keast, Dixon and Gaea.

Current appraisal and development activities are focused on opportunities close to existing infrastructure.

Offshore, the North Rankin Complex, the Goodwyn A platform (GWA) and the Angel platform dehydrate the raw hydrocarbons for export via a dual subsea pipeline system to the Karratha Gas Plant (KGP).

The NWS Projects onshore KGP consists of five LNG trains and a domestic gas plant and is located on the Burrup Peninsula of North Western Australia, near the town of Karratha.   The KGP processes raw dehydrated gas and exports LNG, condensate and LPG via ship together with conditioned gas via the domestic gas pipeline.