Our team supports Tasmanian businesses to put their products and services directly in front of contract and procurement teams.

We use our digital resources and access the network’s nation-wide industry knowledge to assist:

  • Suppliers: local product and service providers
  • Buyers: project owners
  • Government: federal, state and local departments, agencies and authorities

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Tasmanian suppliers on our digital procurement platform, Gateway by ICN increase their chances of being noticed for project opportunities in Tasmania and across the country.

Gateway by ICN allows:

  • buyers of goods and services to publish their projects with ICN and seek expressions of interest (EOIs) from suppliers
  • suppliers to get automated notifications or search for projects and submit EOIs.

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Assisting Suppliers

We actively assist Tasmanian businesses (e.g. SMEs, sub-contractors) with finding opportunities and providing advice on project requirements, expressions of interest (EOI) submissions and tendering to seek and secure valuable contracts across the country and internationally.

Assisting Buyers

We work with Government, Government Business Enterprises and private project owners to identify Tasmanian suppliers, understand local or regional capability and maximise local industry participation.

ICN Registration Tips

Register a Gateway by ICN business profile to be able to submit EOIs. A business profile that accurately summarises your company is critical to making the most of ICN services and increase your chances of being considered for work.
Basic Gateway by ICN registration is free.

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Who We Are

ICN Tasmania sits within the Tasmanian Department of State Growth with a statewide team and offices in Hobart, Launceston, and Burnie. The team is well connected, has excellent local industry knowledge and the national network at their fingertips that amplifies the assistance they can offer.

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ICN help desk

Phone 1300 961 139 (within Australia)
Phone +61 2 6285 2033 (outside Australia)
Email helpdesk@icncopy