19 December 2023

Hydrogen jobs for SA

South Australia is primed to become a first-mover, low-cost hydrogen supplier with the State Government committing $593 million to the Hydrogen Jobs Plan to build a world-leading hydrogen power station, electrolysers and storage facility near Whyalla.

16 June 2023

New Women’s and Children’s Hospital for South Australia

Lendlease has been working with ICN South Australia to sound out suppliers and subcontractors throughout the construction industry in preparation for the new Women’s and Children’s Hospital (New WCH).

30 March 2023

Autumn Capability News

Find out how ICN is helping Australian SME's in this edition of Capability News

29 March 2023

Building Hydrogen Supply Chains

The global transition away from fossil fuels needs a mix of renewable, flexible, storable and safe fuels. Hydrogen has all of these characteristics.

6 December 2022

Innovative solar technology slated for Port Augusta

An Australian-based clean energy company has developed world-leading solar thermal storage technology and has plans to develop a concentrated solar thermal plant (CSP) in Port Augusta.

11 July 2022

Hydrogen – the fuel of the future

South Australian Hydrogen Hubs Inc. (SA-H2H™) has an ambitious goal to firmly establish several hydrogen “hubs” across the State, bringing together industry, academia and government to rapidly accelerate scale of hydrogen ecosystem.

16 March 2022

More solar power slated for SA

Amp Power Australia (Amp) is developing two energy projects north of Adelaide and is looking to engage with local entrepreneurs and businesses to assist with the supply of renewable energy in South Australia. 

16 March 2022

Non-stop travel through Adelaide

The final part of Adelaide’s most important transport route – the North-South Corridor - is in development phase, with full funding for the 10.5km Torrens to Darlington (T2D) project confirmed in February this year.

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