22 September 2023

Mapping local hydrogen capability

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ICN SA has completed a Hydrogen Supply Chain Mapping and Gap Analysis study, identifying more than 2000 South Australian suppliers that could provide goods and services to the emerging hydrogen sector. 

It comes on the back of the South Australian Government investment in new hydrogen projects and infrastructure, including a world-leading hydrogen power plant near Whyalla by 2025. 

The report was prepared using the Perspective by ICN capability tool, from information in ICN’s database. It outlines the number, size and scale of capable businesses across each likely package of work, and whether the business is an Aboriginal Majority Owned Business (AMOB). 

In launching the report of the study at the TACTIC Conference in Port Augusta last month, ICN SA’s Manager, Supply Chain Development, Bettina Venner said ICN would work with stakeholders in government and industry to ensure local businesses can maximise participation in the hydrogen industry. 

According to the report, South Australia is well advanced in the renewables and hydrogen transformation, with 69% of its 2002 energy generation in 2022 coming from wind and solar PV, and a growing green hydrogen project pipeline.  

“The significant existing industrial capability and capacity that supports South Australia’s resources and energy sectors will play a critical role in growing our state’s hydrogen ecosystem,” Bettina said. 

This capability mapping and gap analysis study examined the existing trades, services and supply capability that could support a local hydrogen industry. It also looked at potential low points or gaps.  

As well as documenting the existing capabilities that can be applied directly to the hydrogen industry, such as civil works and water desalination, the report also highlights potential opportunities for local businesses to diversify their existing capability to this sector,” Bettina said. 

“It can also be used to attract investment in new capabilities to the state for the manufacture of items which would otherwise be imported.” 

Overall, the study found local matches for around 75 per cent of the hydrogen supply chain capabilities outlined in this report, with particularly high capability in some categories.  

“Our findings underline the significant opportunity for future growth and development of the green hydrogen industry in South Australia,” Bettina said. 

Read the Hydrogen Supply Chain Mapping and Gap Analysis study. 

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