ICN Clean Energy & Manufacturing Summit

REGISTER HERE The ICN Clean Energy & Manufacturing Summit 2023 is a premier virtual event that aims to connect industry leaders, government representatives, and key stakeholders in the manufacturing into clean energy sectors. This summit provides a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and networking, with a focus on driving sustainable growth and innovation in the … Continued

AOG Energy 2024

AOG Energy is held annually in the energy hub of Australia, Perth. For over 40 years it has bought the entire oil, gas and energy supply chain together as a platform for discovering innovation, capabilities and opportunities, supported by major operators, government and industry. FIND OUT MORE

Gippsland New Energy Conference review

Attending the recent Gippsland New Energy Conference energised team members Lisa Maro, Lynn Johnson and Colin Young and provided the opportunity to forge new connections, reconnect with stakeholders and to be inspired by the vision for renewable energy in the region.  Colin Young joined the panel session on the first day, to speak on the topic … Continued

Spring Capability News 2023

Welcome With the global focus on 2030 greenhouse gas targets, and net zero by 2050, and the, ACCC recently releasing draft guidelines for businesses making environmental and sustainability claims, there’s never been a better time to take steps to reduce your carbon footprint. That’s why ICNL has partnered with Climate Clever, 100% Australian-owned climate-tech company … Continued

WA Marine Company leading the way

Lee Bartlett, CEO of WA-based marine company TAMS, talks about using Climate Clever on ICNL Gateway to measure and reduce the business’s climate footprint and get ready to meet the sustainability disclosure requirements of the future. As an innovative marine and harbour services company, WA-based TAMS is proudly leading the way when it comes to … Continued

Building services company working towards net zero

Jack Russell, eValuate Product Manager at building services company Airmaster, talks about using ClimateClever on ICN Gateway to identify its carbon emissions and set manageable targets. Since 1988, building services company Airmaster has been delivering environmental upgrades and energy saving initiatives to customers across the country, and recently signed up to the enterprise tier of … Continued

A small company making a big impact

David Graham, Managing Director of Automation Engineers Australia (AEA), talks about using ClimateClever on ICN Gateway to future proof its environmental strategy. With just 11 full time staff and one factory, Automation Engineers Australia (AEA) punches well above its weight when it comes to working with customers to increase efficiency, streamline production and reduce energy … Continued

ACCC’s Eight Principals for Environmental Claims

The Australia Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) recently published draft guidance identifies eight principals businesses can focus on when making environmental claims.  The draft guidance is aimed at improving the integrity of environmental and sustainability claims made by businesses and protect consumers from ‘greenwashing’.  According to the draft guidance, false or misleading environmental claims:  Limit a consumer’s … Continued

Avoid ‘greenwashing’ claims with ICN + ClimateClever

Climate targets are more important now than ever before. Becoming Net-Zero and achieving climate neutrality are increasingly becoming a benchmark for many businesses and our SMEs have a critical role to play in ensuring that we reach our emissions targets. While action is needed at all levels, SMEs are going to play a critical role … Continued

Flexibility a win for engineering consultants

Alina Chaparro, Sustainability Focus Leader at engineering firm ACOR Consultants, talks about using ClimateClever on ICN Gateway across 11 sites with different operational needs, and its ability to adapt to various types of businesses and industries. With 11 sites across the country, and more than 500 staff, Acor Consulting is one of Australia’s largest employee-owned … Continued

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