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ICN NSW is committed to keeping you informed about all changes and updates within Australian industry.

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At ICN NSW, we have a wide range of media releases, reports, and updates on the latest news for Australian industry.

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Case Studies

ICN NSW helps businesses win big in Australian Industry. See how we have helped local Australian businesses win major projects and work packages.

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Find out about our latest events here.

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You can register your New South Wales company on ICN Gateway for FREE here. However, you can also choose from one of our business boosting subscription packages to increase your company’s exposure on our platform – and with over 12,000 supplier searches each month, an ICN profile is a great way to showcase your business to new customers and win more work. Simply use voucher code ICNEW10 at the checkout.

Streamline your Procurement Process

ICN is a pivotal connection between major projects and the best suppliers in NSW. We can help you reduce the cost and effort of the procurement process. Reach out to the team today.


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