Whatever industry you operate in, we can provide you with powerful procurement and supply chain tools, backed by expert advice and support. Everything you need to get work and get work done for:

  • Suppliers: local product and service providers
  • Government: federal, state and local departments, agencies and authorities
  • Buyers: project owners

How ICN ACT helps

ICN ACT has been reestablished in 2022 and is helping businesses win contracts on major government and civil projects nationally across the defence, construction, mining, oil and gas, rail and manufacturing sectors. ICN ACT is funded by ICNL Technologies.
Specialist services:

  • Maximise procurement and supply chain opportunities for ACT industry
  • Make it easier for buyers and suppliers to do business in ACT
  • Provide support services for buyers and suppliers in ACT, such as:
    • Industry Participation Plan development
    • secondment of consultants to major projects
    • advice on supply chain options and local sourcing for project proponents
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Business Manager

Louise Wakefield

Louise Wakefield serves as the dedicated Business Manager for the Industry Capability Network (ICN) in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). With a wealth of experience and a passion for fostering collaboration within the industry, Louise plays a pivotal role in connecting businesses and facilitating partnerships that drive economic growth and innovation.

Bringing an energetic blend of strategic thinking and hands-on experience to her position, leveraging her expertise to support local businesses, project owners, and government agencies. Her commitment to ensuring the success of SMEs is evident in her proactive approach to enhancing their visibility and opportunities within the ICN network.

Known for her collaborative spirit, Louise is instrumental in fostering relationships that create a thriving business ecosystem in the ACT. Her role emphasises the significance of local partnerships and global connections in driving the success of businesses in the ACT.

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