Birubi Australia – Empowering Growth with Gateway by ICN

Birubi Australia is an authentic, Supply Nation-certified Aboriginal-owned and operated civil construction company. It is a commercially licensed builder with extensive experience in civil construction projects as a head contractor in metropolitan and regional South Australia. Birubi Australia has experienced significant growth and success through its engagement with Gateway by ICN. By ensuring we have … Continued

Bibby Marine Ltd – Navigating Success with ICN Gateway

Bibby Marine Ltd has experienced significant growth and success through its engagement with Gateway by ICN. The platform’s capabilities, including project listings and industry advice, have been precious in connecting Bibby Marine with significant projects and supply chains, which have been crucial for their business development. The support from the South Australian office has been … Continued

ICN Gateway Energy Projects 2024

To see more Energy projects visit ICN Gateway Barossa Offshore Project The Barossa Offshore Project, led by the Barossa Joint Venture comprising Santos Offshore Pty Ltd and SK E&S Australia Pty Ltd, has received a Final Investment Decision. The project aims to supply gas to the Darwin LNG facility, extending its operating life by 15-20 … Continued

Landmark wastewater recycling plant set for western Sydney

Local suppliers around western Sydney have the chance to be involved in a landmark investment in wastewater treatment.  Sydney Water’s $1 billion Upper South Creek Advanced Water Recycling Centre (AWRC) is set to become one of the most advanced wastewater recycling facilities in the southern hemisphere.     The project has received state and federal government environmental … Continued

Awoonga Dam Spillway Project

Awoonga Dam is classified as a referable dam with a category 2 Failure Impact Category (for both Sunny Day and Flood Consequence failures) under the Water Supply (Safety and Reliability) Act 2008. GAWB must ensure that Awoonga Dam complies with the Queensland Guidelines on Acceptable Flood Capacity (AFC) for Water Dams 2019. The Acceptable Flood … Continued

Polyline Pipe Systems: producing and installing continuous HDPE pipes at mine sites

Polyline Pipe Systems (PPS) has developed an innovative mobile extruder which produces high-quality continuous lengths of HDPE pipe made to customers’ specifications at mine sites – no matter how remote the location.  This high-tech advanced bundled solution contrasts with the traditional approach of trucking 12-20m HDPE pipe lengths many kilometres from an urban manufacturing facility … Continued

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