22 September 2023

Landmark wastewater recycling plant set for western Sydney

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Local suppliers around western Sydney have the chance to be involved in a landmark investment in wastewater treatment. 

Sydney Water’s $1 billion Upper South Creek Advanced Water Recycling Centre (AWRC) is set to become one of the most advanced wastewater recycling facilities in the southern hemisphere.    

The project has received state and federal government environmental approvals and will contribute to the vision of sustainable development of Sydney’s Western Parkland City, one of Australia’s fastest growing regions. 

Sydney Water has awarded the contract to construct and operate the AWRC, along with its associated pipelines, to a consortium of TRILITY, John Holland, GHD and Jacobs. 

John Holland is responsible for the construction of the plant, working with ICN NSW to identify local capability. 

Meanwhile, GHD and Jacobs will provide engineering and design services with TRILITY providing operations and maintenance advice during the design and construction. 

When complete the AWRC will be a sophisticated wastewater treatment and resource recovery plant that will produce recycled water, renewable energy and bio-resources. 

It will collect wastewater from homes and businesses across Western Sydney and treat it to produce high-quality water suitable for a wide range of non-drinking uses. 

Benefits to the local community include: 

  • Providing efficient and cost-effective wastewater services 
  • Producing high-quality, non-potable recycled water 
  • Recycling organic waste to generate electricity 
  • Helping to protect local waterways and aquatic ecosystems via environmental flows 
  • Producing biosolids for an alternative to chemical fertilisers in agriculture 
  • Enhancing biodiversity by greening Western Sydney with recycled water 
  • Generating renewable energy within the AWRC and through solar 
  • Building a centre that can respond to changes in demand. 

In a press release issued early this year, Sydney Water Managing Director, Roch Cheroux, said that when at capacity the facility will treat about 70 megalitres of wastewater each day, producing water for homes and businesses across western Sydney, as well as biosolid products for use in agriculture. 

“Our water supply is not endless; therefore, we need to take an all-options approach to ensure the ongoing supply of water for drinking, cooling and greening,” he said.  

“This facility will be a foundation for the circular economy in Western Sydney that will help deliver whole-of-community socio-economic benefits estimated to add $10 billion in value across the region.” 

The project scope includes the construction and operation of: 

  • An Advanced Water Recycling Center in Kemps Creek 
  • Pipelines to release high quality treated water to the Nepean River at Wallacia and to take the plant’s saline by-product to the existing wastewater network at Lansdowne 
  • Associated ancillary infrastructure. 

For more information, or to register an expression of interest, go to the Upper South Creek Advanced Wastewater Recycling Centre Gateway page. 

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