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Bibby Marine Ltd has experienced significant growth and success through its engagement with Gateway by ICN. The platform’s capabilities, including project listings and industry advice, have been precious in connecting Bibby Marine with significant projects and supply chains, which have been crucial for their business development. The support from the South Australian office has been particularly impactful, providing updated information on all projects of interest and encouraging positive responses from most entities to their submitted EOIs. 

One standout success story facilitated by ICN Gateway is Bibby Marine’s involvement in the Gorgon Project on Barrow Island, WA, the largest LNG project in Australia at the time. The ICN Gateway process enabled Bibby Marine to connect with this monumental project, where they provided a Floating Accommodation Facility to assist with workforce overflow. This facility, affectionately known as “The Bibby,” became the home for 600 workers for five years, significantly contributing to the project’s success. The positive impact of “The Bibby” on the Gorgon Project underscores Bibby Marine’s commitment to delivering high-quality solutions and supporting large-scale industrial efforts. 

The ICN Gateway has helped Bibby Marine secure key projects and enhanced their visibility and reputation within the industry. ICN has played a crucial role in its business development and growth by making it easier for customers to access its company information and capabilities. Bibby Marine looks forward to continuing their partnership with ICN, leveraging the platform to explore new opportunities and achieve tremendous success in the future. 

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