Busted – We help all businesses, including SMEs and Indigenous businesses. Our Industry Specialists look for the company who is most capable of delivering.

And not all projects that we help are listed on ICN Gateway. Every day we receive enquires from purchasers and project managers looking for local suppliers and service providers. Based throughout Australia, our Industry Specialists work on both sides of the supply chain, and are deeply knowledgeable about local industry and national opportunities

ICN works on a multi-tiered approach to assisting the procurement process. When a project is listed on ICN Gateway, and work packages are assigned to that project, our Industry Specialists go to work to identify suppliers who may be able to provide the products and / or services that are required for the work packages.

The package is broken into Full and Partial Scopes to allow companies to express interest in providing the full scope of works or one or more parts of the scope of works.

For smaller companies with niche products, you may be able to express interest in work packages at a Partial Scope level.

When the full scope package is awarded to a company, the information relating to successful company is made available on ICN Gateway, and  where there has been a partial scope information on the companies who have submitted a partial scope EOI are provided to the awardee of the Full Scope.

ICN Gateway provides for opportunities all the way down the project pipeline. Also, by contacting the company who have won the full scope you could ‘market’ your products and services to the companies who have won the Full Scope contract. In this way, you are effectively marketing to the suppliers, not the project owner.

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Use our powerful networking database to find your next project (big and small), or source the best suppliers across Australia and New Zealand.

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